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Movie Review: Let The Hunger Games Begin!

This weekend The Hunger Games came out in theaters. It is an understatement to say that this film was highly anticipated. After reading the book (3 times) I may have been a little excited. And I may or may not have put a countdown to the movie in my Google Calendar. ANYWAY, the movie came out and overall I thought it was a great movie! Was it the book? NO. But you can’t go in expecting it to be as awesome as the book. Here’s what you see, what you don’t, and what additions the movie will give you. Spoiler alert! Stop reading if you don’t want me to ruin this for you.

What You See

You will be happy to know that Rue gets a proper death. They really showed how much Katniss was hurting and of course Rue’s flowers.

Glimmer also got a proper death and is it bad that I enjoyed it?! There weren’t as many hallucinations but she was massacred by those tracker jackers!

HAYMITCH was awesome. He was a little nicer than in the books but I think Woody Harrelson was perfectly cast.

The scene everyone was waiting for… the berries. It was all sorts of dramatic and even though they didn’t actually eat them, the point was made.

What You Won’t See

Disclaimer: This section was a lot easier to write! The movie was 2 hours and 33 minutes but they still needed to leave out a bunch. Here is the stuff I really missed.

The story of the Avox girl was missing. They mentioned something about losing your tongue but nothing about the girl. I guess Darrius won’t be in the second movie…

Katniss left for the feast but didn’t use any sleeping potion. Peeta just slept and believed her lie… #lame.

In fact, the whole cave was ridiculous. Where were my hot and steamy cave scenes?! We got a couple of weak kisses and a little snuggling. Haymitch would not have been pleased. Honestly, I don’t even think Katniss liked him. It was no convincing.

When they announced that two victors could live I was waiting for the big yell…. but it never came. Whispering “Peeta” is not the same as yelling “PEETA!!!!!!”

The mutts at the end were just.. mutts. They didn’t have the eyes of any of the old tributes. I thought they would be scarier.

Special Surprises

They really built a Seneca Cane story. We didn’t get that in the book at all but I really liked it. Especially the way he died. It shows how evil President Snow is!

After Rue’s death we get to see the uprising in 11. What a powerful scene!!! To hear about it in the book and to see it are totally different things!

Gale’s reaction to the games is also something we don’t see in the book. Honestly, I hate to say that I may be #TeamGale in the movies (Don’t worry, I’m #TeamPeeta in the books). I just thought they were so clearly in love and should obviously be together.

In the book, Katniss understands Haymitch based on the timing of the gifts. I think the director was right to think that would be hard to translate. Haymitch’s messages that came with the gifts were a nice touch.

Like I said… it wasn’t the book. BUT it was an awesome movie!

What did you think?! Let me know below!

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