Diary of a Bridesmaid: The Side Effects

This year I will be a first time bridesmaid for one of my best friends. Seeing as I’ve never done this before, I am not jaded yet and am actually genuinely excited to participate. I still have about 11 months until my friend’s wedding and already I have been experiencing some unavoidable side effects from being a bridesmaid.

1. I am planning my wedding. Not outwardly in a crazy Pinterest board (yet) but in my head. I am making clear notes on things I like that she is doing and things that I would tweak. The fact that I am not in a serious relationship doesn’t seem to bother me at all.

2. When I speak to my friend, we only talk about her wedding. This is not her being obnoxious and obsessed. Frankly, I want to talk about it too. I want to know what’s going on, what’s being planned, what progress has been made. I am an excellent audience for all things wedding.

3. I am on a diet. The bride is the queen and she’s going to look HOT. However, I will be in some of these pictures and I want to look nice too. Not to mention, I’m bound to bump into people I haven’t seen in a while ::cough cough:: my ex ::cough cough:: so it doesn’t hurt to look good for those people as well.

4. I am a pinaholic. I was always a little obsessed with Pinterest, but I have gone into overdrive now. I want to find all the coolest drinks and bachelorette games and DIY bridal gifts I can find. Whether I make them is another story… but I have tons of inspiration!

The wedding is still practically a year away. I’m sure I’ll come down with more side effects as the bride gets deeper in to planning… and I can’t wait.

6 Ways You Better Not Propose to Me

I am nowhere near ready for a proposal. At all. But while most girls dream about the perfect wedding, I have thought long and hard about the perfect proposal. Throughout this process I have thought about 6 ways I definitely do NOT want to be proposed to. Like, if someone did one of these, I might say no even if they were my soulmate.

1. Putting the ring in my food/dessert – I will eat it, choke, and hate you. I don’t want to wear a ring that has once been in my mouth and stuck in my windpipe.

2. On an airplane – If we are going on some romantic vacation and you want to kick it off with a huge proposal on a plane..think again. I hate flying and will be too drugged up on klonopin to even comprehend what’s going on.

3. At someone else’s wedding or party – Do not steal anyone’s thunder. It’s rude and unromantic. I will be mortified.

4. With a singing flashmob kinda thing – Unless you re-united every member of *NSync to do this with you, I don’t want it. It’s overdone and unoriginal.

5. On a jumbo-tron at a sporting event – You seriously must not know me at all if you’d think I’d appreciate any part of this. No. Just… no.

6. On Facebook – If you suddenly changed your relationship status to engaged without asking, I’d end it right then and there. However, tweeting a proposal at me might be kinda cool. I’m open to it.

What is your worst nightmare proposal? What is your dream proposal? Share below!