The Perfect LEGO Wedding Proposal

That typical engagement ring box is SO 2013. What better way to ask someone to build a future together than to build a wedding proposal out of Legos?! My brother proved that Legos aren’t just for kids anymore by proposing to his girlfriend in an elaborate Lego scene.


My brother Danny and his new fiance Stasia share a love for all things nerdy. Everything down to superheroes, comic books. action figures, and yes… Legos. When it came time to pop the question, incorporating all this into the proposal was essential!


After countless hours of searching for the right set and a couple days of building, Danny presented Stasia with an eye-spy she will never forget. Above is the whole set and right in the middle you have Bruce Wayne on bended knee proposing to Poison Ivy. (The kicker: Stasia was Poison Ivy for Halloween their first year of dating. And yes, she has red hair!). Once she saw the ring she said yes and now they are planning to live happily ever after!

Some close ups of the structure below:




Leave your congrats to my brother and future sister-in-law in the comments!

Diary of a Bridesmaid: The Side Effects

This year I will be a first time bridesmaid for one of my best friends. Seeing as I’ve never done this before, I am not jaded yet and am actually genuinely excited to participate. I still have about 11 months until my friend’s wedding and already I have been experiencing some unavoidable side effects from being a bridesmaid.

1. I am planning my wedding. Not outwardly in a crazy Pinterest board (yet) but in my head. I am making clear notes on things I like that she is doing and things that I would tweak. The fact that I am not in a serious relationship doesn’t seem to bother me at all.

2. When I speak to my friend, we only talk about her wedding. This is not her being obnoxious and obsessed. Frankly, I want to talk about it too. I want to know what’s going on, what’s being planned, what progress has been made. I am an excellent audience for all things wedding.

3. I am on a diet. The bride is the queen and she’s going to look HOT. However, I will be in some of these pictures and I want to look nice too. Not to mention, I’m bound to bump into people I haven’t seen in a while ::cough cough:: my ex ::cough cough:: so it doesn’t hurt to look good for those people as well.

4. I am a pinaholic. I was always a little obsessed with Pinterest, but I have gone into overdrive now. I want to find all the coolest drinks and bachelorette games and DIY bridal gifts I can find. Whether I make them is another story… but I have tons of inspiration!

The wedding is still practically a year away. I’m sure I’ll come down with more side effects as the bride gets deeper in to planning… and I can’t wait.