Donate To ALS Or Get Cold. The Choice Is Yours And Yours Alone.

Such a dilemma… You have likely either been nominated for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge or know someone who has. Frankly, if you’ve gone this long without seeing an ALS video, I commend you. As annoying as it is in your newsfeed, it has managed to raise a ton of money for ALS. (yay!) However, it doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to make fun of it…


via Tracy Soren from DIBS: the series.

Donate to ALS here.

My Life In Law School Through YouTube Videos

In honor of finals week (and the complete lack of time to actually write blogs and enjoy life) I’ve decided to let you all experience what it’s like to be in law school through various YouTube clips.

When a professor talks about the duties of the court:

When you are asked about the standard of review:

When you are giving an oral argument and the judge interrupts you to ask a question:

What you feel like when you’re studying for finals:

When you get a question right in class:

What clips describe your life in law school/grad school/etc?!

Movie Trailer: The Bling Ring

As a lover of pop culture and the E! network, naturally I followed the story of the Bling Ring very closely. I even watched the show Pretty Wild that aired on E! for one season that tracked the life of one of the suspects. For those of you who don’t know, the Bling Ring was a group of Hollywood kids who broke into celebrities homes and stole their clothes, jewels, bags, etc. They eventually got caught and now they have made a movie about it… with Emma Watson in it nonetheless! The first look came out recently so check out this teaser and get excited.

Are you going to see the Bling Ring?

Movie Trailer: The Internship

Vince Vaughn. Owen Wilson. Google. Quidditch. Need I go on? Looks the The Internship, coming out this summer, is going to be big laughs. Will it be as funny as Wedding Crashers? That would be a miracle but this still looks like it has potential. Check it out and let me know what you think?

Will you see The Internship? Let me know your thoughts below!