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DIBS: A Series About 2 Best Friends and 1 Serious Relationship. Theirs.

New year, new shows. Now that it’s going to officially be 2014, it’s time to add some shows to the roster and kick some off. A friend of mine stars in a web series that is hilarious and endearing. 


DIBS is a show starring Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles. Season 1 premiered in 2013 and it was both funny and endearing. It will take you no time at all to catch up. You can binge watch here

After you watch and fall in love, the next step is to help them create Season 2. Tracy and Jessie have turned to Seed and Spark to raise money for Season 2. With only 4 DAYS left, they can use your help getting to their goal!

Donate here.

Are You A Freak Or A Geek?

Admittedly late on this bandwagon, I just had a 24 hour marathon of the one and only season of Freaks and GeeksOne of Judd Apatow‘s really early works, the show includes huge stars such as James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and many more. After watching all 18 episodes within a day, I quickly fell in love and even quicker got depressed knowing that the show was done and never coming back!

The show is about Lindsay, played by Linda Cardellini, and her life in high school. She used to be a good kid with straight A’s and the mathletes but then she decided that’s not the life for her and she rebels. She doesn’t really fit in with her geek friends anymore but she doesn’t quite fit in with her new badass friends (the freaks) either. Plus there is the storyline of her brother, Sam, who is DEFINITELY a geek and fits in there. Since the show is done and never coming back, here’s what I want to know.
Nick and Lindsay?!
He’s so nice. She’s so not into him. But now she might be? And he still loves her? We will never know what happens to these two.
Daniel a geek?
Boohoo he comes from a hard knock life, he’s a womanizer, he’s a stoner… now he likes dungeons and dragons?! TWIST!
Neil’s mental breakdown
You know it’s coming. His bro is making out with the woman he loves. His dad is cheating on his mom. Everyone knows about this but everyone is also cool with it. He’s going to explode.
Sam dumps the prettiest girl in school
I bet this would have made him even cooler. He dumps Cindy. BAM. Take that! In season 2 the cheerleaders would have been all over that but once again, we will never know.
Vicki loves the geeks!
Did not see this storyline coming. Bill and Vicki?! Just when we were getting into it the show ends. Waaaah…
Will she ever get some self respect? Move out of her broken home? Dump Daniel? I hope so!
Ken and Amy
And they live happily ever after. I’m cool with that ending.
Am I weird for thinking she is the best character on the show?! Will she go the Lindsay route or will she stay on the straight and narrow?! I hope she loosens up a little before college.
Overall, I’m happy I watched it. Even though there are SO many open ends, the series was awesome and I am super sad it’s over. I’m hoping that they will have a 25 year high school reunion and make a movie or something so we can see our favorite actors in our favorite roles. ARE YOU LISTENING JUDD??? Fingers crossed!!!
P.S. I’m like Lindsay. Not quite a freak, not quite a geek but definitely have qualities of both.
Would you invest in a show that had no end? Think of it like a really long movie! Let me know what you think.

The Bachelor Recap Week 1

My first live blog/bachelor recap. I’m excited to be taking on this project since the bachelor has been a #guiltypleasure of mine for a long long time.  These posts will be long – it’s a 2 hour show – so bare with me.. or don’t! And tweet me any feedback/responses/comments/hateful bashing if you feel it needed (@donk2).

“For Sean Lowe it’s a second chance of love and no one deserves it more”

Oh Chris Harrison your loving words warm my pathetic heart.

This season starts off showing how dramatic/bitchy/catty/desperate these 25 woman are going to be. To quote my mother “Same as always”. And just when I was getting upset about how this season will be like all the rest, the camera pans to a shirt-less Sean and my mouth drops. I’m officially intrigued. Flashback to the night Sean gets sent home on Emily’s season and he’s holding back tears. Nothing more attractive than a vulnerable hottie. He then goes on to say how he wants to love and cherish his wife…but I was too busy staring at his 6 pack to really pay attention to anything he was saying.

Commercial break #1: Stalking everything Sean Lowe says on twitter and swooning with mom over how hott he is. I have a feeling this will be my new Monday night routine. So much for working out every night..

Cut to Arie and Sean hanging out together. Talk about the cutest #bromance I’ve ever seen. Their segment made my day. Sad, but true.

“I obviously can’t see it’s not you it’s me..because it’s obviously going to be them”.
Classy. Super classy. I mean if you’re dumping a bitch on the show it’s usually because shes a bit of a crazypants.

A few woman intro tapes ->

Desire: wants her missing puzzle piece and fireworks. and is a spaz.
Tara: is in love with being in love and has a super cute puppy. I like her already!
Robin: smart working woman who does back flips.
Diana : kinda looks like Snooki. has 2 kids and is divorced.
Sarah : an advertising designer who has one arm. the first amputee on the show.
Ashley P: can’t find a boyfriend. crazy cat lady. obsessed with Christian Grey.
Lesley: DC lady who hates nerds and politicians, southerner at heart.
Kristy : model. calling it now she will be THE head bitch of the season.
AshLee F: OCD organizer. cried during the interview. I have a feeling it won’t be the first time we see tears from her

And here comes the #LimoOfSkanks (hashtag credit to Samy). Let see who makes a fool of themselves

AshLee F: corny opening line. pretty red dress.
Jackie: super cutie. left her mark on his cheek.
Selma: pulled a tissue out of her cleavage. stuffed bra? huge boobs.
Leslie H: called Sean a hunk. who uses that word anymore? no one.
Daniella: secret handshake? lame.
Kelly: oh hay fake tan singing a song. oof.
Katie: looks really old for her age. doubt she will last long.
Ashley P:  pulled out a grey tie….Sean seems #unimpressed
Taryn: classy lady. gold star for Taryn.
Catherine: hunk AGAIN?! said nothing of interest. womp. next.
Robyn: EPIC FAIL backflip in a gown. talk about lasting impression.
Lacey: heart of lace. original? not really. I don’t dig the little gift things. What do they even do with them?
Paige: Jumbotron Operator. badass job.
Tierra: little nugget who is not a size 2. finally. Sean says BRB and offers her the first impression rose right away. smart man I like his judgement already.

*is that a rose? did she come with that?* #hatersgunnahate #letthedramabegin #animalattackontheeyeballs

Back out to MOAR limos…
Amanda: getting the awkward pause out of the way…a little too long. I was uncomfortable watching that.
Keriann: and I would walk 500 miles….also her hair bothered me. moving along.
Desiree: aka Dez. wish in the fountain. that’s kinda cute, I dig it.
Sarah: super cute even with one arm.
Brooke: did she purr in his ear? I think so…
Diana: rockin’ a Katniss side braid. forgets to introduce herself.
Lesley: football! and she gets a nice view of Sean’s ass. smart lady.
Kristy: the best from the midwest. VOM.
Ashley H:  her voice bothered me. sick dress.
Lauren: Italian. wants to fatten up Sean and says her father will break his legs if he hurts her. stop it.
and the winner of the craziest bitch of the evening goes to LINDSAY who showed up in the wedding dress. she went in for the first kiss before saying her name. Sean was caught off guard to say the least.

#26 / surprise last person is….KACIE B. I read spoilers (obviously) so this was not a shock for me. but damn she has nice legs… that the woman are just going to tear off her and beat her with.

Cue bitchy talk and gossiping while Sean does his one-on-one chats with the women.

Desiree gets rose #2. Someone else gets rose #3. Everyone is pissed that the rules are changing. Selma gets #4. GAME ON BITCHES. One after one he gives roses during the cocktail party instead of waiting til the rose ceremony. Sean trying to be a badass and make his own rules. Good for him.

Lindsay aka girl in the wedding dress is wasted. “I wish I was more sober”. This is a girl after my own heart making a fool of herself night 1. Something I KNOW I would be doing if I were in her situation. (read more about that here). Then 50 Shades cray cray Ashley P is booty dancin’ all over the place and is “a lot to take in”. I wonder if my boyfriend feels that way about me when I drop it like it’s hot in the club. Just kidding…not really.

Taryn sheds the first tears of the season when she is scared to open up and doesn’t wanna fight over the guy. Too bad she is such a baby because she gave me a great first impression. She won’t last long if she can barely keep it together the first night. Sarah is also insecure, probably because she has one arm, which is super depressing because she’s beautiful. She grows some balls and takes some time with Sean where she opens up about being born with one arm. Major kudos for taking that leap, gurl. Rose to Sarah!!!! WOOP. Get it.

Rose ceremony time, even though he gave out a bunch of roses already.
Adios 50 Shades of Cray! See ya later JumboTron Operator!

All in all, I’m satisfied with the picks tonight. I think Sean has a good head on his shoulders and will ultimately make good decisions. Really looking forward to the season ahead!

To end, here are the girls from the end of tonight in ABC order:
Ashlee F
Lesley M
Leslie H

TV Review: Dance Moms Season 3 Premiere

It’s like a holiday! Dance Moms is back! Looks like there are going to be a lot of changes this year and a lot of trashy violence which is pretty exciting. As long as I get to see Mackenzie do the shoulder shift move every week I will be very happy. We started off with a bang and here’s what I think:

Bye Bye Hylands
Looks like Kelly, Paige and Brooke are really gone. It’s weird because I totally follow these girls on instagram and there are lots of pictures of them dancing. However, the girls have been replaced and I didn’t see anything about them in the preview for the season. This makes me think they are really gone… Sadsies!

Is Christi Next?
Without her BFF Kelly, will Christi stick around much longer? Poor Chloe has to take the worst of it and she is the most adorable, sweetest, little girl. I don’t know why Abby hates Chloe so much but she really does and this girl is going to need so much therapy!

The New Girl
Abby held auditions to replace Paige and Brooke and she found one girl to replace them. She also stole Chloe’s part in the dance (which I’m sure Abby was super excited to do). The previews also indicate that there are more new girls coming so this should be pretty interesting. At the very least, I love watching Jill get mad because that woman is a crazy person. I also enjoyed watching auditions. I love those little girls but there was enough talent to replace Nia, Kendall, and Mackenzie in that room. Pretty intimidating!

My Girl Nia
I was very happy to see Holly stand up for Nia this week. I like when Holly gets into it with Abby because it’s not scary and belligerent but instead rational and more realistic. I think Nia is really going to be out-shined this season – more so than before!

Overall, I’m excited to see the explosions that are on the way. I’m hoping we get to see Kelly come back but I’m not going to hold my breath. I also really hope Abby doesn’t break Chloe’s spirit this year!

Did you watch Dance Moms? What did you think?!

TV Review: Season Finale of Dexter

Sunday night was the season finale of Dexter and now we have to wait a whole 9 months to see how this epic story is going to end. Tonight had a LOT of story lines to address and gave us a lot of surprises. The last couple of years the show has been widely criticized for jumping the shark ::cough cough:: by me ::cough cough:: but this season, and this episode especially, has been pretty awesome. Spoilers below! Seriously, stop reading if you haven’t watched it yet.

I have been wanting LaGuerta dead the whole season. Now she’s dead and I’m genuinely shocked. I thought Dexter would just do the deed but to have Deb pull the trigger… that kind of changes everything. What happens now?! Are they a team? Does she like it? Are they going to be a serial killing brother sister incestuous couple? (Geez I hope not the last one.) Regardless, SOMEONE is going to notice that the Captain of homicide went missing. This is pretty suspicious.
Silver lining: Maybe now that we need a Captain, Angel will come out of his short-lived retirement and he will be a large part of the show again! Fingers crossed.
Then there’s the Hannah situation. She’s on the loose. In the wild. What now? Something tells me that she isn’t moving to Mexico and leaving the Morgans alone. She hates Deb and loves Dexter. Plus she’s a crazy killer. This should be good.
We have one more season of this madness and hopefully they will continue to shock us.
What did you think of Dexter? Let me know below!

TV Review: Arrow

I loved Smallville on the CW and was sad that it came to end. When I heard that the CW was tackling another DC Comic book hero, I was skeptical. After much consideration I decided to give Arrow a chance and I was not disappointed.

The first thing I noticed is that this show is much darker than Smallville. Smallville was very campy in the beginning and got darker towards the end but was still in general a dramedy. Arrow started right off the bat with a darker tone making it clearly a drama.

We learned a little bit about the Green Arrow in Smallville but not too much. Also Green Arrow was played by a different actor making it so there is no relation between the two shows. What I really liked about the first couple episodes in the new show is the backstory. I absolutely need to brush up on my Green Arrow knowledge to check for accuracy, but I love the way we are slowly learning why Oliver Queen the way he is and how he ended up on this path. It is a really awesome backstory!

One thing that drives me crazy is the constant killing. I love the action and everything but a real hero doesn’t kill people. Oliver Queen is killing people left and right without even feeling guilty about it. The thing that really confuses me is the fact that he never kills the target. He has a book of really bad guys and he goes after them. He murders tons of henchman but when he actually gets to the major villian he just puts them in jail or injures them. It doesn’t make sense. If you’re gunna kill anyone, kill that guy!

Overall the show has had a good start. The season has 9 episodes so let’s see if it sticks!

Did you watch Arrow on the CW? What did you think?

Boost Your Confidence With ‘Maury’

This post is written by guest blogger Nicole Denkberg.

Everybody has those moments where they find themselves gazing upon something so horrible that they become entranced. Not only are they unable to look away, but they keep coming back for more. This is me with Maury.
I can admit that Maury is a horrible show. The show seems to mainly rotate upon two story lines. The most popular theme is that of paternity tests. Popular headlines may include “Is my 17 year old husband sleeping with my daughter?” or “Which one of my boyfriend’s cousins is my baby’s father?” Regardless of the answer to the paternity test, it is a guarantee that somebody is going to run off the stage crying and cursing. 
The second story line is lie detector testing. These gems reveal the craziest, most sordid sexual relationships you could possibly imagine. Most of the issues and concerns that people come to the show with barely seem legal (or at least they shouldn’t be).
With all this in mind, it may be hard for you to imagine what I find so appealing about this show. The clear answer is, confidence boosting. It is impossible to feel bad about my own short comings when I gaze upon Maury’s guests, who clearly have issues much greater than my own. These issues have nothing to do with paternity testing, or whether or not their spouse is cheating on them, but rather the fact that they are clearly lacking in basic intelligence and common sense. Regardless of whether or not you believe that Mauryis real, as opposed to scripted, it is hard to deny the fact that these people are a few steps down in the evolutionary chain.
So take my advice next time you’re feeling down in the dumps. Leave the ice cream and chocolate alone, and instead reach for your remote and find the Maury show. I promise that by the time the show is over you will be crying tears of joy that you were born with a brain, and that things are capable of getting better for you. If for some reason you need to up your dosage of insanity, then my next recommendation would be to watch The JerrySpringer Show. However, I only recommend that for the most severe cases, since it will inevitable lower your own IQ just from watching it.
Are you a fan of Maury? Share below!

Dawson’s Creek Disappointment

As a child I was forbidden to watch Dawson’s Creek. As a 9 year old, this was pretty much one of the most traumatic things I went through because ALL my friends at school watched and I was totally left out of all conversations. A few weeks ago I was informed Dawson’s Creek would be on Netflix instant play. I just had to watch the entire series. I mean, come on, I owed it to 9 year old Shari to do so.

In the past month I have blasted through the first 2 seasons and just started season 3. I have some complaints. No, I have a lot of complaints. This show has not met my expectations. Here is a list of 6 things that urk me about Dawson’s Creek (so far).

  1. I was shocked when I watched the first episode that song that goes “doo doo doo doo” (I know, so specific) wasn’t what was playing. Instead, this really awful song played during the opening credits. I figured they switched it up mid-series. Nope. I asked my best friend (the one who talked about it when we were 9, who ironically is still my closest friend) and she informed me that the song was made just for DVDs and it only airs on the LAST episode. Buzzkill.
  2. Dawson is lame. I mean I know he’s supposed to be 15 but he has 0 interest in having sex. More than one chick has wanted his piece and he has turned them all down. MAN UP. Get it going. I thought everyone had sex with everyone. Guess not…or not yet?
  3. Joey is an attractive girl and they make her look like shit. I just want her to come into her own and realize how pretty she is…and maybe stop using big words that I NEVER would have used when I was her age. So unrealistic.
  4. I love Jen. I love that she’s a hot mess. But (spoiler alert) once Abby dies, she legit goes insane for like an episode and then is magically okay again? I wanted to see her spiral a little more out of control. #justsaying.
  5. Jack is gay but doesn’t date guys. It’s great that a 90s TV show even had a gay guy on but I mean now he’s on the football team and hasn’t even LOOKED at another guy. Worst gay ever.
  6. Joey’s sister’s boyfriend/baby daddy is MIA after the first 3 episodes. I don’t even remember his name, but he was there and now suddenly not so much. Where’d he go? Who takes care of the kid while Joey is in school and her sister is working? 

I know I’m bitching a lot right now, but lets be real I got through 2 seasons in a month and there’s no stopping me now, I MUST see how it all pans out.

Did you watch Dawson’s Creek? Will the rest of the series be better? Comment below!

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TV Review: Dance Moms Season Premiere!

I remember when I was younger and I made fun of my mother for watching Lifetime movies. Now it turns out that one of my new favorite shows is on Lifetime, Dance Moms. Maybe I’m a hypocrite or maybe there just comes an age where women can appreciate the Lifetime channel. Regardless, this show ROCKS. Basically it follows this crazy woman’s, Abby, dance studio. She teaches kids aged 8-14ish and their moms get to watch in the waiting room. Sounds boring right?! NOT.

Last night was the season premiere of Dance Moms and I was not disappointed. When we last saw them, as Maddie (Abby’s favorite) forgot her dance at competition and ran off stage. Instead of scream at her like Abby would the other girls, she cried. The moms pounced and Abby left them alone. We start off this season a week later. Abby doesn’t acknowledge it at all and continues to begin abusing the children. Here are the highlights:
What the heck happened to this little girl? Not even a teenager and having panic attacks like she’s about the take the BAR exam. Seriously, everything freaks this girl out. She is constantly crying and scared that Abby will be mad at her. She needs therapy.
The Kids
I really like all the other little girls. They just want to dance. It’s not their fault that their mother’s are crazy and their dance teacher is even worse. Mackenzie is the cutest little kid. Although her dance choreographer is wildly inappropriate she still looks adorable. Chloe is becoming just as paranoid as Maddie but luckily her mom keeps her slightly grounded.
The Moms
It’s almost too much with the yelling, screaming, etc. If this weren’t a television show there would be no reason for them to go to this studio. If you hate the teacher so much, why do you stay?! The only thing I will say is that I actually agreed with them when they said the choreography was stale… it kind of was!
Pardon my french but this bitch is cray. Like she is actually a crazy person. She so clearly favors Maddie it is insulting to the other kids. She is mean and is giving all this kids psychological problems, eat disorders, tendentious, and who knows what else. If I were these mothers I would take my kids and run as far away from her as possible.
This should be an interesting season. I smell a mutiny coming on. Maybe they will all become Candy Apples (gag)! 
Did you watch Dance Moms? What did you think?!
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What The Heck Shonda Rhimes?!

If you were tuning in to the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, maybe you can help me out. What the fudge just happened?!? Here is what I gathered. We used to watch a doctor show that could be classified as a dramedy. Then we learned that Seattle Grace was THE unluckiest hospital in the whole world (cue the bombs inside people’s bodies, shooters in the hospital, and doctor’s being run down by buses). Now we find that Grey’s isn’t Grey’s at all, but has now turned into Lost! Don’t read beyond if you havent’ seen it! Spoiler Alerts!

Why a plane crash? Why are we killing off doctors? By the way, Lexie’s dead. Mark is about to be dead. In fact, if any of these doctors survive, this show would not make sense. With the supposed injuries these guys have, it would be impossible for them to be saved.

Another mystery is how they are planning a ninth season. There is one major character dead and six that are leaving the hospital. How are they going to make it so six people coincidentally want to stay in Seattle? And how will Derek do surgery with no hand?!? This is highly unlikely and just goes to show how ridiculous this has all become!

Season seven was really awful and up until now I was pretty happy with season eight. I’m just not sure where they were going with this… I’m extremely confused.

What did you think of the finale of Grey’s? Share below!

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