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Epic Movie Quotes: Toy Story

The best part about this quote is that you can use it in two ways: (1) to make fun of someone or (2) to be inspirational.  Plus it is said by Tom Hanks (which must be a shock since I NEVER use Tom Hanks quotes…). Check out today’s epic movie quote: Disney style!

Falling with style

What’s your favorite movie quote? Share below with a clip and it will be featured in an upcoming blog!
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An Ode To Tom Hanks

Disclaimer: Things are about to get weird.

I love this man. He has brought so much joy to my life. He is consistently good in everything. He can do comedy, drama, animation, parody, etc. My love for Tom extends irrationally. For example, I love everything Colin Hanks is in (even though he’s not a very good actor) just because he is Tom’s son. I saw Larry Crowne even though it was painfully obvious that it wasn’t going to be a good movie. I read The Da Vinci Code because he stars in it! The man is planning on playing Walt Disney! Only a true genius loved by all can pull that off.

Before this gets weird (oops… too late) I am going to highlight some of my favorite Tom moments so we can relive them together.

Toy Story 1-3
You can’t see his face but if you close your eyes you can picture him walking around Andy’s room bossing around all the other toys. These movies are nothing short of epic and Tom leads the way.

Toddlers and Tiaras with Tom Hanks
Instead of trying to explain it, I figured you can just see for yourself…

That Thing You Do
Dooo. Do that thing you dooo. I want to sing that to Tom. You do that thing Tom! Keep making awesome movies! Keep up with Playtone!

I think FAO Schwartz should thank Tom for all that he has done for them. He put them on the map! Okay they may have been slightly popular before them but cmon! This scene goes down in history!

You’ve Got Mail
He made Internet dating cool! F-O-X.

A League of Their Own
Thank goodness TBS appreciates Tom Hanks as much as I do because I get to watch this movie all the time thanks to them.

Forrest Gump
A movie that defines a generation! I would argue that if you asked 10 people what their favorite movies are, half of them would include Forrest Gump on the list.

I think I need to stop myself now before I get carried away. In fact, there may be a “Part 2” to this blog coming soon because I have so many more things to say about this man.

6 Movies Scenes That Will Make You Cry Every Time

Sometimes you need a good cry and one of the quickest ways to do that is by watching a really sad movie. I created this list after crying like a baby in front of my television the other day. Yes I know it is fictional (and sometimes even animated) but I still can’t control myself. To make the cut on this list the movie scene has to make you cry every time, no matter what point you started tuning in to the movie, and the movie can’t be completely depressing. Good movies make you laugh, cry, get emotional etc. I can’t stand the movies that make you cry from beginning to end. What a downer! (For example: Don’t see I Am Sam or Blood Diamond! What seriously depressing films.)

1. Toy Story 3– The Furnace.

If you watched this scene and didn’t start hysterically crying as you watched your best toy friends hold hands to their death, then you have on soul.

2. A Walk to Remember– Wedding Scene.

These are happy tears people! Watching a terminal girl fulfill her dream of getting married to the bad boy turned saint is heart wrenching. Watch the full wedding here.

3. The Notebook– She remembers.

OK so clearly it is a Nicholas Sparks thing, but I can’t NOT mention The Notebook when it comes to movies that make you cry. I could argue that the scene right before this when Allie remembers and then quickly forgets may actually be sadder but I think dying in each other’s arm is pretty much up there as well.

4. Up– Carl and Ellie Montage.

Yes, we are going back to Pixar but those guys know their stuff! What other movie has you sobbing in the first 10 minutes even before you have really met the characters?! Here is just a small part of the full montage but I bet you might still tear up.

5. Pursuit of Happyness– He gets the job!

Holy crap. I started crying just searching for this YouTube video! The only thing that makes this scene better is knowing that it is based off a true story.

6. Hard Ball– G-baby Dies.

You just never saw it coming. My dad will deny to anyone who asks that he has never cried during this movie, but I think we all know that he really cried like a baby! I honestly don’t have the heart to put a scene where G-baby gets shot so instead you can click here to see him in one of his finer moments.

Did this blog post make you cry… 6 times? Let me know what scenes I’m missing!

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Take Time To: Get Yourself A Halloween Costume

AHHH!!! Halloween is around the corner and you don’t have anything to wear! Sure, you could always grab a belt and be Quailman but I’m sorry boys… it’s been done! And ladies, you don’t want to be that girl who just slapped on a pair of bunny ears to your slutty black outfit, do you? Now’s the time to think of something cute and witty (and low budget) to be this year. And IMHO, don’t get a costume from Party City because I guarantee you will bump into 12 other police officers and race car drivers while you are out. You don’t want to be wearing the same costume as someone else! I have not yet decided on what I will be but here are some cute costumes I found that seem to be pretty low budget and some of my past costumes too! 


The cast of Dexter!


Michael Phelps!


Peter Pan & Captain Hook 2010


Woody & Buzz 2011

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Let me know if you have any good costume ideas!
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The Nightmare Before Christmas… In Real Life

I’ve gone to the hospital twice. Once, was when I was born. The other time was when I was three and I stuck a pen cap up my nose. I apparently went to the emergency room and had it removed. Since I really don’t remember it, I wasn’t traumatized or anything. Today I got stitches. Since I haven’t been to the hospital since I was three, this was a big deal to me. Have you had stitches?


Did it feel like you were Frankenstein or Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas? That’s how it felt to me. I was numb so it didn’t hurt, but you could clearly feel someone sewing you up. I remember taking sewing classes as a kid and I just kept having flashbacks as if this was a pillow-making project. It also looks like Sally as well since the stitches are not discreet at all. There are clear black stitches in my body as if my stuffing were coming out. Now I know how Woody felt when his arm got ripped off by accident in Toy Story 2. Maybe I’m being dramatic. If I am, too bad. I’m a tad traumatized.

Have you had stitches before? Am I being crazy or is this really a weird feeling?! Share your experiences please!!!

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