Tinder: You’re Doing It Wrong

Can someone let this guy know that I think he missed the point???


*swipes right*


6 Reasons I Left Tinder

The very popular dating app which acts as a “hot or not” tool has completely failed me. I am waving my white flag and giving up. Here’s why:

1. The Naked Guy.





What the fuck dude. I was not expecting your ass in my face,

2. The Mis-labeled Guy.


Seeing as I put “Girl seeking Guys” something here isn’t right… Peggy must be wondering why she isn’t getting any matches.

3. The Married Guy.


Even if you are divorced… this is not the picture you use to WOO me. 

4. The Underaged Boy.



I don’t care what age you listed. You are 12.

5. The Mystery Guy.



Which one are you?

6. The Creepy Guy.


Annnnd I have nightmares.

The Number One Problem With Tinder

Like all single ladies with a smartphone, I recently heard of an app called Tinder. Essentially, the idea is “hot or not” but taking it a step further. If you decide you like someone and think they are attractive, they now have the ability to message you. If they like you back then you are past the first hurdle of wondering if that person is interested or not! There’s just one problem with this app so far…

Repeat after me… Jailbait.

Tinder is the bare bones. It connects to Facebook so you can see if you have friends in common or similar interests but really all you get is pictures, name, and age. That, my friends, is very dangerous. As you breeze through at a mile a minute you are judging purely on looks. Every so often a hottie catches your eye and you stop to view details. BAM. You find out the handsome man is actually a man-boy that is only 19. NOT OKAY PEOPLE.

Then we have another problem… Instead of looking at looks you only look at age until you find someone acceptable and can then check if they are good looking. You come across a 27 year old. He’s handsome. YAY! You click on his info… BAM. His info says “I’m actually 17 but Tinder wouldn’t let me join unless I was older ha ha.” NOT OKAY PEOPLE.

Why is this app populated by itty bitty nugget men? And even worse, why do I find them attractive?! To be fair, kids these days look a lot older than when I was in high school. When you’re in a tux, I assume you are at your friend’s wedding… not at your PROM.

In conclusion, Tinder needs age ranges. Oh, and don’t judge me…

Do you use Tinder? What do you think?!