throwback thursday

#TBT: Spice Girl Lollipops

From 1996 to 1997 the Spice Girls ruled the world. Not just the music world, but the candy world as well. Spice Girls lollipops were all the rage and each lollipop came with the greatest prize of all… a sticker. Sadly, these stickers were VERY sticky. I still have remnants stuck to my furniture today.

Did you love these lollipops?!

#TBT: Orangina

Remember when you were a kid and you would consume any food or beverage item if it came in the right packaging? My personal favorites were Dunkaroo’s and this strange multi-colored bread they sold at the local supermarket. Yes, you heard me, my mom actually used to send us to school with sandwiches made from bread sporting the colors green, blue, pink, and yellow. I was the envy of everyone at school. (Okay, envy is a bit of a stretch, but my sandwiches were always a conversation starter!)


I’m happy to say my tastes have become a bit more sophisticated and I no longer require my daily dose of sugar and dye with my meals and snacks. However, there is one throwback beverage I still enjoy, and that is Orangina! Remember that fun-shaped bottle with that delicious orange soda inside? Well it’s back and just like all of us, it’s matured. Roll over to meet Bulby the Orangina Bottle! He’s just as delicious as ever, but now he’s more cultured and sophisticated. He’s also on an adventure, loving life, and making his “hipster-ish” mark all over the place.

Go ahead, check out the new attitude of our old friend Orangina.

Guest post by our good friend Kristi. Tweet her your comments @Kristb85!

#TBT: Baby Donk’s Birthday

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday! I’ve been feeling nostalgic about this year since it was exactly a decade ago that I was Bat-Mitzvahed (#jewstatus). To commemorate this special day I’d like to share a diary entry from my birthday 10 years ago. It’s a doozy!


Dear Diary,

Last nite I had ppl ova (including Ricky). It was SOO much fun! For once we didn’t just sit and watch a movie, we relee hung out. Me and Ricky started making out and we stopped and all da guyz were staring @ us! They all stood in line looking lolz. Christina bought me a thong for my b-day! It’s soo cute. It’s blue and it sayz HOT. 1st thong yay! lolz. Todayz my bday. Ricky bout me earringz. He left the price tag on and it sed they were $100 and WERE 1/5 DIAMONDS! I wuz lyk o shyt! lolz. Me and Ricky have bein goin out 1 month and 2 dayz. I’m falling in love with him 🙂 Gotta go

*Shari n Ricky* 

#TBT: My Boyfriends Mike & Joey

I have found the motherload – my first ever hand written diary, starting in December 1996 and ending in what I can imagine is 1999, before I graduated elementary school in 2000. Below are 3 of my favorite snippets of this diary talking about my crushes Mike and Joey. I referred to them as my boyfriends..I don’t think I knew what “boyfriend” meant. My reflections today are italicized!

12/12/96 this is the first entry of the book
Dear Diary,
I have a crush on Mike D. He is cute, good looks, and is great at basketball, Also cute frekles.

  • I remember Mike. I met him maybe 3 times IRL. He was a son of my dad’s friend and I can vaguely picture him in my head. I was 7 years old and already obsessing over boys. Some things never change.

Dear Diary,
I made a poster that says “Mike” all over it and a huge heart in the middle that says Mike on one side and Shari on the other and on the bottom it says SMD *heart* MD. Thats how much I love him.

  • I remember writing Mike a love letter. It’s mentioned briefly that I gave it to my dad to give to his dad. My dad told me Mike had no time for a girlfriend. I remember being mad but not for very long. I got over it pretty quickly, as my diary mentioned 5+ more boys I liked, or thought were cute, or who I loved. Again, some things never change…

no date
Dear Diary,
While I was playing outside today, guess who was out there, JOEY! You wouldn’t believe what he did. Joey smiled at me! I smiled back. So that worked out good. He also kept on stopping at my door. Joey even talked to me. He told me he knocked down a stone with his foot. He smiled as he said that. I said “ya right”. Then I smiled. Joey also kept honking at me while he was on his bike. I hope all those things means he likes me. Well, I’ll never know!

  • Oh how girls analyze every little thing boys do! Joey was my first real crush. Unlike Mike, Joey and I spent a lot of time together on our block (we were neighbors). When he moved, I was devastated. I would dream about him, hoping he’d come find me one day. I moved, too, a year or two later, ironically a few blocks from where Joey had moved. I will never forget the butterflies in my stomach the day I saw him on the bus for the first time and realized who he was. I was ballsy enough to talk to him, he remembered me, and we were somewhat friendly throughout high school. To this day I have no idea if he had a crush on me back in the day..

Do you remember your first crushes? Tell us about it below!

#TBT: Slinky

I don’t know about all of you, but I had about a million slinkies growing up. I would attempt to push them down the stairs and fondle them across my hands. 99% of all my slinkies ended up destroyed, twisted, and broken. And yet, the bright colors and cool sound drew me in to buy more. The slinky wasn’t the coolest of the toys, but they were quite popular.

Did you ever play with a Slinky? Where was your favorite place to play with them? How many did you break? Comment below!

#TBT: Nickelodeon Prizes

When you apply for a reality show or game show nowadays you are in it for the big bucks. Even the lowest paying shows have you walking away with a couple thousand dollars. However, some gifts are just priceless such as the hush puppies and encyclopedia CDs you used to get on a Nickelodeon game show. Watch and learn how to get a contestant excited.

 Watch here
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#TBT: The Original DonkDiaries

2 weeks into these #throwbackthursday vlogs and Cara and I are already slacking! SORRY to anyone who enjoys seeing our faces every week. This is my official word that we will make an amazing video for you next week. So instead, I decided to type out a snippet from the ORIGINAL donk diaires aka my 7th grade hand written “private notebook” that I found in the depths of my drawers.

There is a lot of hilarity in these old pages, but because the 11th anniversary of 9/11 has passed this week, I found it appropriate to reflect on my written thoughts of the day 9/11/01 vs. 9/11/12.

Dear Diary,
OMG! U wont believe dis. Some terrorist ppl drove plane into the Empire State Building. It collapsed!! There’s no more. They also hit the Pentagon and the White House those fucken morons! I was SO scared when I heard.

And there’s some good news though. I convinced Johnny to ask Chris {referring to my bestie Christina} out tomorrow! I hope he dnt chicken out. Datz all for now. Bye

Shari Marissa

My facebook status update: I will never forget 11 years ago today sitting in Cusamano’s history class and all of us laughing at the boy who ran in telling us what had happened…and sitting with Keith watching the news all afternoon, not really understanding the images on the screen… thinking about all those who were taken from us – feels like yesterday ..

My Reflection Today
I don’t know what disturbed me more: The fact that I didn’t even know the name of the correct buildings, how little I documented of the events at school, or the fact that I found it even slightly important to mention my best friends soon to be beau. (And lets not even touch upon my spelling)..
I can recall almost every detail of that morning…it’s like a vivid dream that will forever be impressed in my memories. At the time, it was clear that the events were monumental because teachers were crying, as were some classmates, everything got serious.. But as an 11 year old girl, how could I possibly even understand the seriousness that occurred?Just goes to show you how different events occur through the lens of a child.

#TBT: O-Town

Before Making The Band was tainted by Diddy, it was a show that found brand new boy bands. The most memorable (and our favorite) was the band O-Town with their smash hit, Liquid Dreams. Yes, the title of the song is Liquid. Dreams. lol.


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