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The Wonderful Lessons We Learn From Disney

What is your favorite Disney movie? Mine is Hercules. While discussing some of our favorite Disney movies at work today (yes, this is a regular occurrence), it dawned on me that some of our favorite childhood movies aren’t necessarily the best guide in life. While these movies are wildly entertaining and truly classics, they are sometimes politically incorrect and send a bad message! I know what you’re thinking- “Huh?! Disney?! Are you sure you are thinking of the same movies???” Let me explain myself a little further with a few examples…

  1. You are a weirdo if you like to read. Or at lease Belle from Beauty and the Beast was. Everyone talked about her like she was a mutant and all because she liked to read books. Is that what we want kids to think? Reading makes you weird but if you are pretty, like Belle was, you can sometimes get away with it. Plus, her father the inventor was known as the town freak. Thanks for stifling innovation and creativity Disney…
  2.  Lie, cheat, and steal if necessary. Isn’t that what Aladdin told us when he sang “Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat” in One Jump Ahead? Kudos to Disney for representing the homeless community, but I certainly don’t want my kids to think that they can just take things without paying for them whenever they please if they need it.
  3. Ladies, sit back and relax and let the men do all the heavy lifting. Maybe that is why Aurora spends the majority of Sleeping Beauty hanging out waiting for the prince to come. All she has to do is lie there since women are apparently useless according to this Disney movie.
  4. Don’t bother getting to know a man if he’s good looking. I mean honestly- Ariel knew Eric for like 30 seconds before she decided she loved him and then wanted to abandon her family, her royal duties, and her species?! Sure he’s cute and all but it seems a tad harsh if you ask me. She barely knows this guy and in an instant she wants to get married at 16. Sounds like poor parenting if you ask me. Belle was the only one who didn’t judge men based on their looks, but as we have already established, she was a “freak.”
  5. Whatever you do, don’t listen to your parents.Mulan completely ignores her parents and steals all their stuff. Jasmine is constantly sneaking out of the castle and getting herself in to trouble. Ariel gives up her voice even though her father explicitly told her not to do that. What is with these guys?! Doesn’t any care about the rules anymore!?
These are just a handful of reasons why Disney movies can sometimes give off the wrong lesson. Hopefully your children are smart enough to see the big picture such as true love, heroism, and all that good stuff.
What are some of your favorite Disney lessons-gone-bad? Share them in the comments!
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