Live Reaction To The Game Of Thrones Red Wedding

Spoilers below! Don’t look if you haven’t seen Game of Thrones or if you ever plan to see Game of Thrones!

Yes, I’m late to the Game of Thrones train, but I am now on it and loving it. Believe it or not, I avoided most spoilers and got to experience each episode as a newb should. Here’s my live reaction to watching the Red Wedding: (more…)

DIBS: A Series About 2 Best Friends and 1 Serious Relationship. Theirs.

New year, new shows. Now that it’s going to officially be 2014, it’s time to add some shows to the roster and kick some off. A friend of mine stars in a web series that is hilarious and endearing. 


DIBS is a show starring Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles. Season 1 premiered in 2013 and it was both funny and endearing. It will take you no time at all to catch up. You can binge watch here

After you watch and fall in love, the next step is to help them create Season 2. Tracy and Jessie have turned to Seed and Spark to raise money for Season 2. With only 4 DAYS left, they can use your help getting to their goal!

Donate here.

Stop Trying To Make Russell Brand Look Dumb. It Doesn’t Work.

Turns out the media doesn’t take Russell Brand seriously. Apparently, comedians have no brains according to these choice “journalists.” Take a look at how the show Morning Joe treated Brand.

Just recently, Brand went on another talk show and was disrespected again. See below for Brand killing it on NewsNight.

Now are you people going to leave this man alone???

Are You A Freak Or A Geek?

Admittedly late on this bandwagon, I just had a 24 hour marathon of the one and only season of Freaks and GeeksOne of Judd Apatow‘s really early works, the show includes huge stars such as James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel, and many more. After watching all 18 episodes within a day, I quickly fell in love and even quicker got depressed knowing that the show was done and never coming back!

The show is about Lindsay, played by Linda Cardellini, and her life in high school. She used to be a good kid with straight A’s and the mathletes but then she decided that’s not the life for her and she rebels. She doesn’t really fit in with her geek friends anymore but she doesn’t quite fit in with her new badass friends (the freaks) either. Plus there is the storyline of her brother, Sam, who is DEFINITELY a geek and fits in there. Since the show is done and never coming back, here’s what I want to know.
Nick and Lindsay?!
He’s so nice. She’s so not into him. But now she might be? And he still loves her? We will never know what happens to these two.
Daniel a geek?
Boohoo he comes from a hard knock life, he’s a womanizer, he’s a stoner… now he likes dungeons and dragons?! TWIST!
Neil’s mental breakdown
You know it’s coming. His bro is making out with the woman he loves. His dad is cheating on his mom. Everyone knows about this but everyone is also cool with it. He’s going to explode.
Sam dumps the prettiest girl in school
I bet this would have made him even cooler. He dumps Cindy. BAM. Take that! In season 2 the cheerleaders would have been all over that but once again, we will never know.
Vicki loves the geeks!
Did not see this storyline coming. Bill and Vicki?! Just when we were getting into it the show ends. Waaaah…
Will she ever get some self respect? Move out of her broken home? Dump Daniel? I hope so!
Ken and Amy
And they live happily ever after. I’m cool with that ending.
Am I weird for thinking she is the best character on the show?! Will she go the Lindsay route or will she stay on the straight and narrow?! I hope she loosens up a little before college.
Overall, I’m happy I watched it. Even though there are SO many open ends, the series was awesome and I am super sad it’s over. I’m hoping that they will have a 25 year high school reunion and make a movie or something so we can see our favorite actors in our favorite roles. ARE YOU LISTENING JUDD??? Fingers crossed!!!
P.S. I’m like Lindsay. Not quite a freak, not quite a geek but definitely have qualities of both.
Would you invest in a show that had no end? Think of it like a really long movie! Let me know what you think.