We. Are. Sparta. #ChallengeAccepted

To say I was ecstatic to finish the Color Run a few years ago is an understatement. Running a full 5K was something I never thought I would do because (1) I hate running and (2) I hate working out. It wasn’t until I was coerced into doing a Spartan Race that I realized the Color Runs of the world are just child’s play.

I ran my first Spartan Sprint in 2013. I was the most out of shape I had ever been and was practically dying the whole time BUT I finished. I couldn’t believe it. I even jumped over the fire at the end (which looks a lot scarier than it is). After accomplishing that goal, I was ready to come back for more!


My PIC, Shari, and me crossing the finish line!

The following year I signed up and this time I knew what to expect and was in slightly better shape. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I crushed it. My time was better, my attitude was better. Overall I felt great! However, the trend I was noticing is that once you finish, you just want more!

Once you accomplish something you never ever ever thought you could accomplish, it makes you wonder… what else could I do that I didn’t think I could do? Could I do a Spartan Super? Or even a Spartan Beast?! Maybe I could accomplish the coveted Trifecta?!?!?! Okay… so I’m not there quite yet but I am ready to take it up a notch.

Knowing that I completed this back in 2013, I truly believe anyone could do it. You’re probably thinking, “No way can I do that. It’s scary. There are monkey bars. You get dirty.” My response would be “Yes, it is terrifying at first and there are monkey bars and you will definitely get dirty BUT you will finish. And you will feel like a f^%&ing champion. Plus, you get a free beer at the end.”

So if you’re officially convinced to try it out, now’s your chance! There are upcoming races in the tristate area that you can participate in ASAP! For 10% any race, sign up here and use the discount code SPARTANBLOGGER. I’ll even give one lucky winner a free code to get you started! How? Just comment below telling me you want it and I will select one random winner to become a true Spartan! #LETSGO

*Promo code and coupon code was provided by Reebok Spartan Race.

How We Climbed Mount Everest…Sort Of.

At the beginning of the summer, Cara approached me with this crazy idea. “Sign up for this 5K with me!” she said. My initial response was a “hell no”. But she said free teeshirts were involved and that a bunch of us from work would do it together. So I gave in and signed up. Now for some background, I am NOT a runner. I’ve done P90X and I Zumba on a weekly basis, but I get winded when I run for the subway or the bus. I used the $50 fee as motivation to get my ass in running shape. I ran twice a week for about a month or so and was able to run 2 miles before wanting to collapse. Then I got distracted and didn’t run for a month. Suddenly, the run was a week away. I told Cara I was screwed and we’d never finish the 5K.

On August 26th, me, Cara, and the rest of our team stood among 20,000+ runners in a sea of color. I turned to her and said “We WILL run the whole thing.” Side by side, Cara and I ran. I slowed down to keep her pace when she needed support. She yelled at me to “PICK UP YOUR FEET” when my jog was wilting to a walk. It was not easy. But together we sprinted across the finish line with WOOs and smiles. We had run the entire way – being eachother’s support and motivation. We reached our goal and it felt nothing less than amazing.






Our team name was #teameverest – because for Cara this was equivalent to conquering the climb up Mt. Everest. It sure as hell felt like we conquered a huge climb! For all of you athletic readers out there, stop laughing. Yes, a 5K doesn’t sound like a lot to someone who is in shape, but for people like us who don’t run or really work out EVER, this was a huge accomplishment.

We challenge YOU to climb your Mount Everest. We promise it will be an experience you will never forget. What will you accomplish?