The Super Bowl vs. The Puppy Bowl

For me, the decision was a no brainer. For the rest of you, maybe next year you will watch something else.

The Super Bowl

  • Men on a field
  • Game is hard to follow/too many rules
  • #BrandBowl commercials
  • Pop singer half-time show
  • Skimpy cheerleaders who make you feel bad about yourself
  • No kiss cam (because that’s a baseball thing, right?)
  • You can’t tell who is cute because of their helmets
  • There are 8 different hashtags to follow along with on Twitter
  • There is a winning team and a losing team
  • It only airs once
The Puppy Bowl
  • Puppies on a field of toys
  • The game is very easy to follow
  • Despicable Me 2 Trailer
  • Kitties play during the half-time show
  • Hedgehog cheerleads
  • The kiss cam shows cute children kissing puppies
  • All of the players are adorable because, well, they’re 12 month old puppies
  • @meepthebird is the only handle needed
  • Everyone is a winner
  • It airs multiple times on Superbowl Sunday and gets better every time you watch it

Bachelor Recap Week 3

My prayers have been answered – they ARE starting every episode with Sean working out with his shirt off. #nocomplaints. 16 women left – a group date, two one-on-one dates but not everyone gets a date this week. Chris Harrison gets right into it by presenting the first date card. Lesley M: how long will this love last? I hope a long time because she’s at the top of my faves. She also is wearing this adorable lace dress. They need to have a website called, “buy bachelorette fashion” where I can spend all my money buying all the cute things the girls on this show wear.

Sean & Lesley are at the Guinness Book of World Records on an actual, like, normal date. Sean reveals that his dad actually holds a guinness world record. Kinda cool! Sean feels kinda romantic and wants to crank up the heat early on (I don’t think Lesley is complaining). They attempt to set the world record for longest on screen kiss. Lucky bitch. “I think my body is numb.” Fair reaction. The kiss has to last 3 minutes and 16 seconds to beat the record. Are we going to have to watch this for over 3 minutes? Especially since Lesley is having a really hard time not laughing hysterically. Seans hand moves to her ass but then realizes that theres a thousand people watching and quickly goes back up to her hips. #awkward. Honestly this whole thing is kinda awk and I can’t believe they didn’t cut to a commercial break…They broke the record. I wonder what the record is for the longest on screen sex? That would’ve been a lot more exciting to watch (who’s with me?!)

Part 2 of their date takes place in a seemingly super comfy plush couch with romantic candles and champagne overlooking Hollywood. Reminds me how I spent my weekend with my boyfriend watching Restaurant Impossible drinking purple drank out of a mustache cup in 0 degree Albany. Almost the same, right? Anyway, Lesley talks about how she’s a nerd and how much she loves her fam. She says Sean makes her nervous. They kiss for real this time (with tongue) and she looks like she’s about to spill her champagne.

Back to the house – the girls get the next date card. Kaycie, Robyn, Leslie H, Kristy, Catharine, Des, Taryn, Amanda, Lindsey, Daniella, Jackie, Tierra – “who’s going to win my heart?”

And back to Sean and Lesley where they confess they both already have feelings for each other. Sean whips the rose out and obviously offers for her to accept. She says yes. MOAR kissing. Lesley says he’s perfect and the evening was magical. Mom sitting next to me says, “I like her, she’s normal.” Agreed, mom. I like her a lot.

Sean & the 12 girls on the group date are having a ball on the beach together. Until CHRIS HARRISON shows up. I love that he’s making date appearances and we’re seeing more of him this season. He breaks them up into two teams for beach volleyball – the winning team gets quality alone time with Sean post-beach. Both teams suck at volleyball and are having trouble getting the ball over the net. Blue team wins after the most boring game ever. Everyone on the red team cries. Gotta love this show!

Sean starts chattin with all the girls on the winning team. Lindsay is looking for her best friend and Sean is surprised by this “new side” of her that he’s seeing. They kiss. Loudly. Sean tells Des he loves her confidence and he loves hanging out with her. Des doesn’t wanna be seen as arrogent so she tells him about this deeper side to her. He kisses her too. Those lips are just making their rounds tonight.

Ashlee gets the next one on one. Tierra reads the card “Ashlee and Selma” as a joke – adding Selma’s name which upsets Sarah. Idk why since Sarah wasn’t even involved.. but whatever.

Des complains that Amanda is not the person she is around the girls around Sean. Much tension building around Des and Amanda. Kaycie B starts her own drama by telling Sean about Des and Amanda’s drama. DRAMAAA CITYYY. I’m eating this up. Because it’s clear Sean already has her in the friend-zone and this is NOT helping. It’s clear he wishes she’d just stop talking about this nonsense. “Why are you involving yourself?” Kaycie B I am disappointed. The bitchy comments last week were hilarious but this is going a bit far and he is not happy. Lindsay gets the rose on the date. Kaycie B realizes she looked like a crazy person and is scared she fucked up…which she did. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t make it to next week.

Ashlee is ready for her one-on-one date with Sean and wants to open up to him. But while she waits for Sean — BANG. Tierra fell down the stairs. Sean thinks she may have a concussion. Tierra is freaking out and doesn’t want to go to the hospital. Ashlee thinks she did this on purpose for attention.

Commercial break and I’m stalking JP & Sean tweeting to eachother.
JP: Sean where’d you get that pink V neck from?
Sean: Probably urban
JP: Thx. Money.
#bromance #sexymenchats

Sean wants to see if Ashlee is a big kid at heart and takes her to Six Flags. Ummm no thanks. If this were my date I’d turn my ass right around to the car. And Ashlee clearly isn’t dressed for an amusement park in that short see-through dress and 5 inch heels. The plus side of this day is they are sharing the park with 2 chronically ill girls who have been friends online but have never met in person. Super sweet. Ashlee looks like she’s gunna vom on the pirate ship (I don’t blame her). The two girls are just ecstatic to be there, it’s really a nice moment and something different for the Bachelor. The night is capped off with a concert from the Eli Band. Never heard of them? Anyone else? The girls are singing though which is all that matters.

Sean and Ashlee both want to adopt children. Ashlee was adopted after being abused in a foster home and is the most non-bitter person about it ever. Sean is digging her optimism. Ashlee talks about meeting her adoptive father for the first time. Mom is crying. Sean is getting teary. Quite an emotional part of the episode and Ashlee gets the rose! They kiss. I don’t know how I feel about her just yet. She opened up really quick and seems to have a good heart but I’m not 100% convinced that she’s right for him yet.

Sean surprises Sarah at the cocktail party with her puppy!!! OMG CUTEST PUPPYY EVERRR. He’s so thoughtful. Tierra and Sean get some time. Des steals time away and Tierra gets pissed. Oh Tierra steals him BACK. Catty-ness at its finest. Des hates the game..if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen gurl. It’s the bachelor. This is how it works. Get over it or leave. Kaycie B apologizes for being a major crazy for the other night. Sean feels like they took a couple steps back because of it. It seemed like he was about to send her home until 2 of the other girls step in to interrupt.

The rose ceremony is about to start but he pulls Kaycie B aside and says it’d be rude to make her sit through another one when he knows they’re better off friends. CALLED IT. I knew she wouldn’t make it past tonight.

Girls who get roses:
Tierra, Leslie H, Catharine, Daniella, Robyn, Selma, Sarah (whered the puppy go?), Jackie, Amanda, Des

Final thoughts: So upset that Taryn is gone. He really should’ve given her a chance. Amanda needs to go ASAP. He needs to spend more time with Catharine because she’s super cute. He’s clearly attracted to Selma but I don’t see that lasting much longer.

Favorites: Lesley M, Des, Sarah.