The Perfect LEGO Wedding Proposal

That typical engagement ring box is SO 2013. What better way to ask someone to build a future together than to build a wedding proposal out of Legos?! My brother proved that Legos aren’t just for kids anymore by proposing to his girlfriend in an elaborate Lego scene.


My brother Danny and his new fiance Stasia share a love for all things nerdy. Everything down to superheroes, comic books. action figures, and yes… Legos. When it came time to pop the question, incorporating all this into the proposal was essential!


After countless hours of searching for the right set and a couple days of building, Danny presented Stasia with an eye-spy she will never forget. Above is the whole set and right in the middle you have Bruce Wayne on bended knee proposing to Poison Ivy. (The kicker: Stasia was Poison Ivy for Halloween their first year of dating. And yes, she has red hair!). Once she saw the ring she said yes and now they are planning to live happily ever after!

Some close ups of the structure below:




Leave your congrats to my brother and future sister-in-law in the comments!

6 Ways You Better Not Propose to Me

I am nowhere near ready for a proposal. At all. But while most girls dream about the perfect wedding, I have thought long and hard about the perfect proposal. Throughout this process I have thought about 6 ways I definitely do NOT want to be proposed to. Like, if someone did one of these, I might say no even if they were my soulmate.

1. Putting the ring in my food/dessert – I will eat it, choke, and hate you. I don’t want to wear a ring that has once been in my mouth and stuck in my windpipe.

2. On an airplane – If we are going on some romantic vacation and you want to kick it off with a huge proposal on a plane..think again. I hate flying and will be too drugged up on klonopin to even comprehend what’s going on.

3. At someone else’s wedding or party – Do not steal anyone’s thunder. It’s rude and unromantic. I will be mortified.

4. With a singing flashmob kinda thing – Unless you re-united every member of *NSync to do this with you, I don’t want it. It’s overdone and unoriginal.

5. On a jumbo-tron at a sporting event – You seriously must not know me at all if you’d think I’d appreciate any part of this. No. Just… no.

6. On Facebook – If you suddenly changed your relationship status to engaged without asking, I’d end it right then and there. However, tweeting a proposal at me might be kinda cool. I’m open to it.

What is your worst nightmare proposal? What is your dream proposal? Share below!

Marriage Proposal For The Movie Buff

Seeing as I am a huge movie buff myself, when I saw this marriage proposal, I will admit that I teared up a bit. Thanks to YouTube, former private and intimate moments can not be shared with the whole world. Because of this, I have watched creative couples walking down the aisle, musical marriage proposals, and many more adorable videos. However, after being sent this video from a friend, I am officially jealous. For any movie-goer or lover of the theatre, this movie trailer wedding proposal tops as one of the best wedding proposals of all time…

Would this be your ideal wedding propsal? Have you seen better? Share them in the comments below!

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