Fitness Review: Core RxN

Details: 33 W End Ave, New York, NY 10023 – (212) 561-5435 –

Studio: 4/5
Timeliness: 5/5
Instructors: 5/5
Overall class: 4/5

First things first… if you plan to take a class at this studio, make sure you give yourself PLENTY of time to find the place. The address is super confusing and the studio is hidden behind a bunch of stores and a huge building. It was only by miracle and walking into 2 wrong buildings that I was able to find it!

As for the class, it was a lot of fun and very intense. The studio is known for spinning but I tool a core class that seemed more total body to me. You used the TRX, sand weights, kettle bells, and more. The teacher was super fun and motivating and really gave good moderations for people who were new. I had a lot of fun and felt incredibly sore the next couple days!

Would I recommend to a friend? Yes

How Becoming VIP At Just Salad Changes Your Life

In the city there is a lunch spot called Just Salad that is very popular among the employees of NYC. The line is always out the door but the salads are delicious. Not to mention, they sell reusable bowls that get you extra toppings and save the environment.

Every year Just Salad releases a VIP bowl that comes with special privileges. Not only do you get extra toppings, but you also get a free protein and the ability to CUT THE LINE. Sounds good, right? Now how do you get one.

The catch is that they only make 100 per year. This means you have to win a bowl. I entered a Halloween contest and low and behold, I won. The bowl has seriously changed my life.


I pretty much get salad every day now. The salads are good, the price is right, and I get to be that douchey person who cuts everyone in line. Life. Is. Good. The year of the pink bowl is over but there will be a new one coming soon. I highly recommend following Just Salad on Instagram and Twitter so you can enter and win your own bowl.

Fitness Review: Slip n Slide Workout

Details: Revolution in Motion, 555 8th Ave, Rm 902, New York, NY 10018  (212) 564-0500

Studio: 3.5/5
Timeliness: 3/5
Instructor: 4.5/5
Overall ClasS: 4/5

I was really nervous for this class because I had no idea what to expect. Basically, the workout is done on this ice-like mat. There are barriers so you don’t fall off and special slips to wear over your sneakers to help you glide.

The class was small – there was no more than 7 of us. The instructor knew it was my first time and walked me through everything. I love getting individual attention to make sure my form is right. Which, even with his guidance, I wasn’t sure it was. The class was HARD. It was using muscles I wasn’t used to working. The class focused on legs and core, and when I woke up this morning I was sore from my neck down to my lower abs.

This class reminded me a bit of Pure Barre, because it’s one of those classes you will not perfect every move in the first class…or even in the first week of classes. 

Would I recommend to a friend? Sure, but I’d warn them not to get frustrated when they couldn’t do all the moves!

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The Future of the Movies

Nothing is better than a trip to the movies. The dark room, the smell of popcorn, and the giant screen is all I need to make me happy. However, there are some theatres that are nicer than others. The ones by me are pretty old, sticky floors, not the most comfortable seats. Some don’t even have cup holders! But still. I go to the movies because I love it.

Recently, the Fresh Meadows movie theatre in Queens was closed for “renovations.” Normally when a business closes for renovations it means they are closed. Just when I thought it would never re-open, I was wrong and the movies were back and they were better than ever.

If this is the future of movies, I couldn’t be happier. The Fresh Meadows AMC looks completely different. The concessions stands are organized and lit up. The soda machines are free refills and they have over 100 different kinds of sodas that you choose from a computer screen. And then there are the seats… Every theatre fits half the number of people because the seats are so big. Each seat is a huge cushy baracalounger that reclines. While you watch the movie, everyone around you is essentially lying down and zoned out as if they are in their own living room.

Some changes: You have to buy tickets in advance. Now that there are less seats, movies sell out quick. You also want to buy early because the seats are assigned. When you buy your tickets you have to pick your seats so make sure buy early and don’t get stuck in the front. Finally, you may not want to go in big groups. Unless you buy tickets a week in advance it is almost impossible that you will be sitting with all your friends.

Overall, this movie theatre is amazing. I don’t think I can ever see a movie anywhere else. Originally I only went to AMC theatres because I have a Stubs card and love the rewards. Now, I’m not going to ask “what movies are out?” but instead “what movies are playing at Fresh Meadows?”


Fancy computerized soda machines

Actual AMC seats

Locals! Have you been the new theatre? Non-locals! What do you care about at the movies?

4 Things I Don’t Miss About Summer

I think it is safe to say summer is officially over. Sorry for all of you still in denial but it’s October people. It’s fall. Although I love a good summer as much as the next guy, there are just some things about summer I can live without.

I don’t enjoy feeling gross all the time. The only time I want to be sweating is during hot yoga, not sitting on the subway or walking to work or sitting in my apartment.

Fighting with the padding in my bathing suit top.
I feel like every time I put on a bathing suit, the padding in the top is always messed up. It is bent, in the wrong direction, or something else completely inconvenient. It is always a project to wear a bathing suit.

How black my feet get in flip flops.
Gotta love that flip flop weather. However, I don’t love the nasty dirtyness that comes with it. No matter what you do, your feet are going to turn black by the end of the day and you’re going to spend 5 minutes scrubbing.

Shaving my legs.
There! I said it! I don’t like shaving my legs! Winter time brings long pants which equals awesomeness.

Air Condition Rain.
There is nothing grosser than walking around NYC and think that it’s raining but then realizing that the AC from the building next to you is dripping. Ew.

What do you NOT miss about summer?

Knock Knock! Special Delivery From The @BoozeCarriage!

How many times have you been pre-gaming in your apartment and then run out of beer? Someone is forced to leave the fun-ness and head down the street to replenish for the rest of us. As someone who doesn’t party that much, drinking has to be as easy as possible. Any effort on my part and I’m going to change my mind and stay in to watch a movie. It must have been fate that I was contacted by a booze delivery service. What was that? Did you say booze delivery? YES I DID!

The Booze Carriage contacted me to spread some brand awareness and sent me $50 to try out their service and report back. For someone who loves cheap champagne like I do, that’s a lot of booze! Here’s my review:

If you live in a certain area of NYC, this is an amazing service! They deliver between 30-60 minutes! It seems like the perfect pre-gaming service. However, I live in Queens so the 60 minute delivery isn’t available for me. I was expecting a couple days delay but I was wrong. The package still came later that day! I was beyond impressed. Not to mention when it came, it was dressed up all pretty and packaged nicely. For someone like me who isn’t home much and doesn’t have time to shop much, having booze delivered is awesome.

What do you think of a beer delivery service? Have you tried Booze Carriage before! Share thoughts below!

Reasons I Hate New York City

Turns out, I’m not the only one who has been feeling this way lately. #25hours author, Shari, wrote about reasons to hate NYC in the summer earlier this week. While I am in 100% agreement with those complaints, I have a few of my own I need to get off my chest. New York is the greatest city in the world. It is the capital of the universe. I love this city, BUT I also hate it in so many ways.

The mystery. As you walk down the street feeling like Carrie Bradshaw, you come across some puddles. Hmmm I guess it rained last night and I didn’t notice. Oh wait. That’s just urine. And yes. You just stepped in it.

The attitude. Doesn’t everyone love waking up and immediately getting yelled at? Today alone I got lectured by the bus driver and yelled at by a woman for walking up the stairs in her way. As much as you want to yell SHUT THE F&^% UP, you stay calm because you don’t want to sink to their level.

The traffic. Only in NYC does it make sense that a map says you are 5 miles away from somewhere and you estimate that you’ll be there in an hour. Not to mention once you’re on the road you are in the road rage capital of the world. Stop driving like a crazy person! And another thing – if you honk at me 1 second after the light changes I will be forced to drive in the middle of both lanes at 10 mph just to piss you off.

The train traffic. What the hell is that?! The MTA controls the schedule. There’s the same number of trains everyday. How could there possibly be traffic and if theres traffic everyday (which there is) why don’t they have less trains??? I can write a whole blog post on this mystery.

The commute. Why are all the good jobs and nightlife in Manhattan? Don’t you people realize that there are 4 other boroughs in New York City? And most of them have parking available so you don’t have to spend your days on the subway? Let’s spread the wealth!

Okay okay, I promise to write a “Why I Love NYC” blog soon but right now I feel like being a negative Nancy :-P.

Are you loving this city? Let me know below!

NYC Summers. Yuck.

I live for summers. I love the beach, the vacations, the rooftop drinking events. But I despise New York City in the summertime. Specifically these three specific things:

1. The Smell – The streets smell the garbage and the subway smells like piss. People hold on to the subway rails and they reek of B.O. and sweat. Nothing and I mean nothing smells good in the city in the summertime.

2. The Heat – Waiting for the subway in the summertime is suffocating. It makes me wish I could walk to Brooklyn from work everyday. When are they going to install central air into the stations?! It’d just make everyone’s lives so much easier.

3. The AC – While there is nothing more refreshing than walking past a store in NYC and feel the AC blaring onto you for a split second, there is nothing grosser than feeling those trickles of water falling over you from the ACs of offices above. I swear those little droplets of water are contaminating me with some strange disease.

Do you love summer in the city? Or are you like me and hate it? Comment below!

Take Time To: Remember Steve Jobs

I was extremely sad when I found out that Steve Jobs passed away this week. As a person, he may not have had the best reputation but nobody would deny that he was a visionary. Besides making Apple the powerhouse it is today, he also transformed another company that touches my heart- Pixar. I was in the city this weekend and walked past an Apple Store on 5th Avenue when I almost cried. There were over 1,000 post-its stuck to the wall of the store with people leaving notes about Jobs. There were also tons of flowers left at the store as well. This isn’t the first Apple store to become a memorial for Jobs and it is well deserved.

What will you miss most about Steve Jobs?

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