#TBT: Nickelodeon Prizes

When you apply for a reality show or game show nowadays you are in it for the big bucks. Even the lowest paying shows have you walking away with a couple thousand dollars. However, some gifts are just priceless such as the hush puppies and encyclopedia CDs you used to get on a Nickelodeon game show. Watch and learn how to get a contestant excited.

 Watch here
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And The Worst Children’s Television Show Award Goes To…

Rocko’s Modern Life!!! Honestly, Nickelodeon. How did you get away with putting this stuff on the air? Back in the day we watch trash like Ren and Stimpy, Angry Beavers, and this. Some of the scenes from these shows are just so inappropriate I don’t know how any executive let it be on TV. Maybe we are just perverted and see things that aren’t there or maybe the TV execs think it is funny (which it kind of is), or maybe they think we won’t get it. Guess what?! We figured it out! Here are 2 wildly inappropriate clips from Rocko’s Modern Life.

Rocko works at a sex hotline.
Rocko’s friends try to beat him up for liking… rainbows.
Would you let your kids watch this?! Let me know!
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Hey 90’s Kids! Does This Look Familiar?

Yes I know, we all love our 90’s Nickelodeon. Nothing is better than a throwback on television like Clarissa Explains It All or wearing a cool Reptar t-shirt. But what happens when 90’s Nick crosses over into the world of high fashion??? You get this:

Do you recognize the inspiration for this dress? For those of you not picking up on it right away, this dress was clearly made with the show Aaahh!!! Real Monsters in mind. I love my 90’s Nick and all but… who would wear this?!
Would you wear this dress or maybe just stick with the Reptar tee?