My Life In Law School Through YouTube Videos

In honor of finals week (and the complete lack of time to actually write blogs and enjoy life) I’ve decided to let you all experience what it’s like to be in law school through various YouTube clips.

When a professor talks about the duties of the court:

When you are asked about the standard of review:

When you are giving an oral argument and the judge interrupts you to ask a question:

What you feel like when you’re studying for finals:

When you get a question right in class:

What clips describe your life in law school/grad school/etc?!

Epic Movie Quotes: Lord of the Rings

It’s that time again… finals! Three times a year I bury myself in the books and have no life. HOWEVER, this blog is way more important than finals and I couldn’t imagine going a week without an epic movie quote. This week we are combining epic quotes with #lawschoolproblems. Enjoy:

You shall not pass!
Get it?Lord of the Rings combined with a little finals humor!

What’s your favorite movie quote? Share below with a clip and it will be featured in an upcoming blog!
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