las vegas

How To Plan For Las Vegas

I just came back from the world’s greatest vacation. A few of my friends and I just spent 4 days in Las Vegas and we had a blast! While there was very little sleep involved, we did spend a lot of time in the sun, at the pools, at parties, and living like a true 20-something. If you plan to visit Vegas at some point (and I recommend you should), there are some things you should know before you go!


1. Packing List. Boy was this stressful. The way to go about this is to literally write out what you will be doing each day in Vegas. Typically you’ll have three outfits (day/pool, dinner/in between, going out at night). Choose one outfit for each activity and pack ONLY THAT. Remember to bring shoes and bras appropriate for every outfit. I am confident that even if you do this, you will still end up with clothes you never wear. 

2. Promoters. Coming to Vegas without contacting a promoter beforehand is a big mistake. If you’re a girl, there is definitely some leeway here (since people just throw free shit at you) but if you have any guys in your group, come prepared. We were lucky enough to contact a promoter before and it made a WORLD of a difference. We cut lines with 100 people in them and we paid no cover fees (even the men). When you’re on vacation and you’re in Vegas for only a couple days, nothing will kill your buzz faster than waiting in line for an hour. NEVER go general admission. Always go through a promoter. 

3. Plan to be AmbitiousThere is no way you can spend more than 4 days in Vegas. Not because there’s nothing to do — in fact there is TONS to do and there are a million clubs and shows I didn’t even get to. Facts are, your body can only handle so much. You can plan for three nights out and two pool parties during the day. That is a seriously ambitious schedule. Your body can only handle so much. Eventually you’re going to HAVE to sleep. Good luck.

4. Bring Water. Turns out the tap water in Vegas is nasty. Maybe it’s the heat? Maybe it’s the west coast? Either way, plan to bring some bottled water along with you. Trust me… when you wake up after your night out and you are dying of thirst, you will thank me.

5. BYOB. I’ve never seen a city with a more relaxed policy on alcohol than in Vegas. First of all, there is no open container laws. That means you can drink in cabs and out in the public with no problem. Second, the hotels do not care about how you get your alcohol. You can bring your own alcohol to the casino, out to the pools, even in the restaurants! Facts are, this is one of the only places in the world that isn’t making it’s money on the booze. They make their money from the casinos and when you drink, you gamble more. They don’t care HOW you get drunk, just that are you drunk. Cheers to that!


In case you’re looking for some recommendations, we stayed at Mandalay Bay. It was gorgeous, reasonably priced, had tons of pools, and an awesome day and night club. We went to TAO and Marquee for the nights we were there (both clubs were a blast). We also saw Love, the Beatles Cirque Du Soleil show which was a nice tribute if you’re into the Beatles. 


Vegas is something you need to do to check off your bucket list. Start planning your trip NOW!