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Movie Review: Warm Bodies

Have you ever heard of a romantic comedy about zombies?! Me neither… until now. I saw Warm Bodies this week and it was the modern day Romeo and Juliet of the apocalypse. Starring JLaw’s ex, Nick Hoult, the movie was a really original take on the classic boy/girl love story. Here’s the gist (Spoilers below!):

Let me set the scene: It’s the apocalypse and the world is taken over by Zombies and some regular people who haven’t been infected yet. We meet R, everyone’s favorite zombie, and we realize that zombies aren’t that bad. Sure they eat people, but they don’t want to. They are conflicted.

Then there’s the regular people who live behind a big wall as to not be inflected. The young army peeps head out in search for some medicine and they encounter a group of zombies. Zombies eat people so obviously this isn’t good. R gets hungry and starts eating this guy and then he sees a good looking human and it’s love at first sight. For him anyway since R is technically eating this chick’s boyfriend.

Anyways, R rescues his girl (Julie) and the more they spend time together the more normal he becomes. His speech gets better, he smiles, he doesn’t want to eat her, etc. Not to mention the love is infectious. Other zombies are starting to come back to life as well. Essentially, this unconventional relationship is saving the world.

The story is very much like Romeo and Juliet (get it, R and Julie?!) except instead of Romeo dying for Juliet, R comes back to life for Julie and he actually becomes cured. Happily ever after!

The movie was really very funny. Hearing the commentary going on in R’s head (since zombies can’t talk) was probably the best part. Rob Corddry, R’s best zombie friend M, was also pretty hilarious. Overall, it’s a must see and it will really put you in a happy mood!

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Movie Review: Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook starring Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and Robert Dinero, was the best movie I’ve seen in theaters all year. It reminded me a great deal of Garden State (aka my favorite movie of all time). I laughed, I teared, I cringed. I have to say I was very weary about seeing Jennifer Lawrence sans bow and arrow but WOW. Award winning performance. The most memorable moments for me are listed below. *SPOILERS* do not read past this point if you don’t want the movie ruined.

9 Memorable Moments. The Good, the Bad, the Hilarious.

1. In one of the beginning scenes, Bradley Cooper’s character is wearing a necklace. His dad pulls it out of his shirt to look at it. In that scene, I was focused on it because I assumed it was of importance. With every cut, the necklace was somewhere else. Inside the shirt, outside shirt, back and forth. The shirt was buttoned, the shirt was unbuttoned. Horrible editing skills.

2. The token black guy. He was funny and added comedic relief when needed but really? Aren’t we past having minorities type casted in these roles? That annoyed me a bit.

3. Surprise appearance by Julia Styles! I wish she had more of a prominent role, I really adore her.

4. There is a part when Jen and Bradley are runnning (they run a lot) and she runs into this grassy area which seemed jungle like to me. I wanted to scream BEWARE OF THE CAREERS. But then they were back on a road. Damn you, Hunger Games.

5. The dance scene. Classic and amazing.

6. I learned what a parlay means (did I spell that right? probably not).

7. This is the most talented I’ve ever seen Robert Dinero. His anger, OCD, love…all of it..just so beautifully displayed.

8. The last scene.
“You wrote this a week ago?”
“You knew I was lying to you for over a week?”
“I wanted to be romantic” . Ugh. SWOON.

9. Dear Bradely Cooper.You are a sexy sexy man and I want to do bad things to you. He didn’t need to say a word and I would’ve loved him in this film. On the negative, he was never naked. GIMME NUDITY PEOPLE.

What was your favorite part of Silver Linings Playbook? Did you enjoy the movie? Comment below!