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My Life In Law School Through YouTube Videos

In honor of finals week (and the complete lack of time to actually write blogs and enjoy life) I’ve decided to let you all experience what it’s like to be in law school through various YouTube clips.

When a professor talks about the duties of the court:

When you are asked about the standard of review:

When you are giving an oral argument and the judge interrupts you to ask a question:

What you feel like when you’re studying for finals:

When you get a question right in class:

What clips describe your life in law school/grad school/etc?!

TV Shows I Wish I Could Get Into But Never Did

I’m a big television fan. I watch A LOT of shows and I am very picky about adding new ones to my roster. In fact, ever since my life became a mess of work/school, I have had to drop a lot of my favorite shows. Sorry Survivor, Real Housewives, The Amazing Race, and more… you just didn’t make the cut! However, I am not close minded and I do want to allow new shows in my life.

There are a handful of shows that people have told me I would love and so I gave them a shot. As much as I want to like some shows, for some reason I CANNOT get into them! Yes, yes I know, I’m sure this is the best show ever and you can’t believe that I don’t like it, but I don’t. Sorry.

Arrested Development
Jason Bateman and Michael Cera are very funny people. The show sounded funny and awesome. They were even rumors of making of movie from this show. All of that intrigued me to watch the 3 seasons that aired. I started season 1 and after 5 episodes without even a smirk I gave up. Turns out, it wasn’t as funny as everyone said it would be.

Big Bang Theory
This show actually is pretty funny. I like the characters for the most part and even like the theme song. For some reason I just have no desire to get invested. I will watch it if it was left on or if someone else in the room has it on, but I will never go out of my way to watch it. In fact, I would likely watch a rerun of E! News before turning on an episode I have never seen before. I don’t know why, it’s just not my thing.

How I Met Your Mother
I have not given up on this one yet! I have seen some episodes here and there. I know it is funny. I know I will like it. I just haven’t taken the plunge to getting invested! I hate watching shows if I haven’t seen them from the beginning so I keep holding off until I have time to start from season 1. I keep saying that I will do this but for years I have been putting it off. Now that I am getting rid of my Netflix, this will make it much harder for me to do. I haven’t lost hope yet! I WANT to love this show!

What shows do you want to like but just don’t? Share them below!

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