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Why Do Only The Good Die Young

In high school you typically begin the process of “finding yourself.” It’s where you’re supposed to figure out who you are and where you fit in. If you’re lucky, you may even meet the people who will shape your life, become your best friends and even your family. 

That’s not what happened for me. Most of the “finding myself” part of life happened in college. That’s where I really found my stride, made my lasting friends, felt comfortable being myself, etc.

High school for me was more of what I’ll call a “pre-discovery.” I was that person who never fit into one group. I had friends from lots of different groups but you wouldn’t necessarily think to invite me out on the weekends (since we’re not that kind of friends). I liked to call it being a floater.

While not ideal for choosing lunch tables (SO MUCH ANXIETY!), it was good in the sense that I got to meet a lot of great people. Individuals – not a clique – really defined my high school experience.

One of my “people” from high school recently passed away. It’s been about a year since we spoke and even longer since we’ve actually seen each other. Regardless, I’m flooded with memories of how awesome it was to have him in my life. The boy who cheered the loudest when I nervously gave my speech for class treasurer. The kid I could call after school to hangout with (before texting was a thing). And of course the insane bear hugs he would give as you passed him in the hall.

I kind of knew we would never see each other after graduation… How would we? We didn’t have any of the same friends, we had different plans for our future. However, I was really looking forward to one of those hugs at our 10 year reunion.

This isn’t meant to be a cautionary tale about how you should always make time and see those people in your life who you don’t talk to. People grow up and grow apart all the time and that’s okay. It’s really more of a reminder to check up on the important people from your past.

Check in. Be nostalgic. Have that “remember when conversation. You’ll say you will meet for drinks one day… You probably won’t. But don’t lose touch.


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The Number One Problem With Tinder

Like all single ladies with a smartphone, I recently heard of an app called Tinder. Essentially, the idea is “hot or not” but taking it a step further. If you decide you like someone and think they are attractive, they now have the ability to message you. If they like you back then you are past the first hurdle of wondering if that person is interested or not! There’s just one problem with this app so far…

Repeat after me… Jailbait.

Tinder is the bare bones. It connects to Facebook so you can see if you have friends in common or similar interests but really all you get is pictures, name, and age. That, my friends, is very dangerous. As you breeze through at a mile a minute you are judging purely on looks. Every so often a hottie catches your eye and you stop to view details. BAM. You find out the handsome man is actually a man-boy that is only 19. NOT OKAY PEOPLE.

Then we have another problem… Instead of looking at looks you only look at age until you find someone acceptable and can then check if they are good looking. You come across a 27 year old. He’s handsome. YAY! You click on his info… BAM. His info says “I’m actually 17 but Tinder wouldn’t let me join unless I was older ha ha.” NOT OKAY PEOPLE.

Why is this app populated by itty bitty nugget men? And even worse, why do I find them attractive?! To be fair, kids these days look a lot older than when I was in high school. When you’re in a tux, I assume you are at your friend’s wedding… not at your PROM.

In conclusion, Tinder needs age ranges. Oh, and don’t judge me…

Do you use Tinder? What do you think?!

The 8 Miracles of Social Media That Didn’t Happen

For my Likeable Media blog this month, I wrote about the 8 Social Media Miracles of 2012. While drafting, my next stroke of genius hit! Below you will find the 8 Miracles of Social Media that DIDN’T happen this year.

Miracle#1 – You didn’t instagram your feet in the sand this summer, the fall foliage, or your huge Friday happy hour drink.
Miracle #2 – You didn’t live tweet your day.
Miracle #3 – You picked up the phone to call your best friend instead of sending them a Facebook message.
Miracle #4 – You found out your high school classmates got engaged/married via Facebook’s new love notifications and didn’t question your entire life & cry yourself to sleep.
Miracle #5 – You didn’t mention who your political preference during the presidential campaign.
Miracle #6 – You made only one pinterest board.
Miracle #7 – Your twitter, pinterest, instagram, spotify, reader, goodreads, purchase history were NOT hooked up to your Facebook feed.
Miracle #8 – You went an entire hour without checking an application on your iPhone.

How The Dating Game Has Changed

Okay so I’ve been out of the dating game a while. Lots has changed since 2005. Some for the better, some not so much but overall it’s a whole new ballgame! For many of you I may be stating the obvious but for others who haven’t been on a date since high school, this may be useful for you! (Just me? Okay.)

Talking on the phone for hours. 
Texting has taken over. Why would anyone call you to chat? They can just text or GChat or Facebook you. Call me old fashioned but I like a late night phone session.

Not living with your parents.
This certainly changes things. No longer are the days when you have to kiss with your eyes open and listen really closely for nearby footsteps. Hello freedom!

Has he called yet?
So this hasn’t actually changed that much. Now you just have 100 places to check. Did I get a text? Tweet? Facebook chat? Smoke signal? Seriously ladies. Put your phone down. Walk away.

Did you guys hookup?
This does not mean “did you guys makeout?” In fact, now the term is quite ambiguous and can mean LOTS of things. Still not quite sure how to interpret this but I guess it comes with time…

The Weekday Rule
Did you know that you can’t have a first date on a weekend? Apparently it’s too much pressure. That’s why you start out with weekday dates. When you actually like the person you can bump them to weekends. In high school I didn’t really go out during the week so this wasn’t an issue. For the record, I think this rule is ridiculous.

I suspect a part two to this blog in the near future. I think it’s safe to say that I’m learning.

What else do I need to know?! Share below!

Go Back-to-School With Your Social Media Content

This was originally posted on Likeable Media’s blog.

In high school, everyone seems to find their place in a clique, deemed for 4 years by a name or title based on who they associate with. Back to school season is in full force – don’t let your social strategy get sucked into one and only one clique. In order to make this school year a successful one, be sure to take away a lesson from each standard high school clique.

The Jocks – All eyes are on the jocks. They set the example for the entire school and influence their peers. The jocks are a great example of how Facebook visual content should be done.  In order to be shareable, appealing, and newsworthy, it cannot be anything less than a touchdown.  A jock doesn’t follow the crowd, the crowd follows the jock. Be a thought leader in your content and have all the other brands in your industry dying to wear your Letterman jacket.
The Cheerleaders – The cheerleaders can be a little ditzy, but their loud voices and cheerful spirits make them hard to ignore. You can learn two things from the cheerleader.  First, check your spelling and grammar. One small mistake can lead to a lot of backlash. And secondly, use a short, definitive call to action. B-e- aggressive! Spell it out if you have to, but give your customer a reason to love your brand.
The Science Nerds – The nerds are the smartest, most methodical group in the school. They monitor everything from start to finish, proving and disproving hypothesis. Being a science nerd can really come in handy for your brand. Use insights to track your brand’s social progress. Measure your key performance indicators (KPIs) to put together award-winning case studies.  The science nerds may not be cool in high school, but without measurement and preciseness in the social space, your brand will never reach full potential.
The Bully – Bullies are a great example to show what NOT to do on social. Bullies are loud, bullies are demanding, and bullies talk in the third person. They are reminiscent of how push marketing works. Going around telling people how awesome your brand is and to buy your product/service constantly on the social space is annoying, frustrating for your customers, and simply in effective.  Don’t be a bully.
Which clique are you guilty of sticking to? Which other clique could you learn the most from? Comment below!