#HAWMC Day 2 – Introductions

This prompt asked to write 5 things everyone should know about my activism. I’m sick of writing lists (like 5 Things You Need to Know About My Activism). So instead, here’s a little timeline about how and why I became involved in fitness and a more active, healthy lifestyle.

2007: I started college. Unlike everyone else I went to school with, I did NOT gain the freshman 15. In fact, I lost 10 pounds thanks to the laxative induced food (seriously I’m convinced the food was laced). I felt good about my body and my life and didn’t put much thought behind what I was eating or how little I was physically active (minus dancing at the bars).
2011: January 2011 I weighed myself for the first time in a while and almost shit my pants. I had gained 25 pounds since the start of college and literally wanted to jump out a window. How did this happen? When did this happen? How did I not realize how out of shape I became? I took action immediately and started doing P90X. I completed the 90 day challenge and lost 10-ish pounds.
Summer 2011- Summer 2012: My new outlook on a healthy life went into overdrive. I was working out at least 3 days a week, eating better, and feeling much better about the way I looked and felt.
Summer 2012: I ran my first 5K! This was a HUGE accomplishment and made me feel like I could conquer the world.
Fall 2013: My co-workers convinced me to sign up for the Spartan Race. I don’t know how they convinced me to do it, but I did. And told myself that if I could complete the race without throwing up, it would be a huge accomplishment. I bought 30 personal trainer sessions, joined a gym, and was ready to rock and roll.
Winter 2013: Hard breakup. I stopped eating for a week, lost a ton of weight, felt tired, depressed, and shitty about myself. 
Today: Bouncing back slowly and re-committed to eating better, working out 2 days a week with my trainer and at least once on my own, and so excited to KILL this race in June.
Being healthy and active is NOT easy. It’s so so easy to fall back into bad habits, sitting around all weekend eating cookies and being a lazy ass… but with the right motivation and a supportive group of friends I know I can reach my health and fitness goals and not only finish the Spartan Race, but actually enjoy it too.