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5 Reasons Why I Wouldn’t Be Friends With Harriet the Spy

I know it’s been a while since Harriet the Spy was out in theatres. Michelle Trachtenberg was still a cute little girl who hadn’t made out with her brother and Rosie O’Donnell wasn’t the outspoken, controversial, Donald Trump-hating person she is today. As I think back to what I thought was a really great movie, I begin to realize that Harriet was a bitch (pardon my french).

Why did her friends ever forgive her? She is NOT a nice girl. Not only was she terrible to all her friends but she even freaks out at her parents and her therapist (which she desperately needs). Here are 5 reasons and I would NEVER be friends with Harriet.

1. She is SO RUDE. Why should anyone be friends with someone who has nothing nice to say about anyone? She is moody and irrational and downright rude to everyone!

2. She’s a backstabber. It’s one thing to have nasty things to say about your enemies, but it’s something else to say them about your best friends. I understand being judgmental and all but you shouldn’t judge the people who have your back.

3. She doesn’t ever apologize. After all the mayhem she caused writing nasty things about people, making others cry, ruining people’s reputations, she never even apologizes! Her friends take her back and vote her editor of the newspaper when she didn’t even say sorry! WTF.

4. She takes it WAY too far. As she plots revenge against every person in the Spy Hater’s Club and she just doesn’t know when she crosses the line. She told one girl her dad doesn’t love her, she posted embarrassing photos of her best friend all over school, and she cut off a girl’s braid! I think that’s a bit extreme. They just poured some paint on you… get over it.

5. She dresses poorly. Okay so now I’m being mean and judgmental but c’mon. The girl wears an orange raincoat everywhere and it’s never even raining! You can’t just blame that on the 90’s.

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