Fitness Review: Mister Abs East River Boot Camp

Details: 77th and the East River , New York, NY 10018 – –

Studio: N/A
Timeliness: 4/5
Instructors: 5/5
Overall class: 5/5

The boyfriend and I bought a Groupon for 4 boot camp classes with Mister Abs. The guy looked ripped, the videos looked legitimate, and the price was right so we figured we had nothing to lose! The first class we signed up for was a rainy day, and bootcamp was outdoors. There was some hesitation, but bootcamp with Mister Abs was rain or shine so we went and we weren’t disappointed.

Levi (“Mister Abs”) is an excellent trainer and does not let you quit. It’s raining? So we won’t lay on the floor, but you’re still going to work your butt off. You think you can’t do anymore? Well, try anyway. He’s not going to just let you off the hook. This was a full 60 minutes (sometimes longer) of unique exercises that build strength and stamina. 

The class is set in the park and uses all the bars and fences available. Levi also brings lots of props such as rings, TRX, resistance bands, and even a trampoline. The class requires that you bring your own 3-in-1 adjustable resistance band but if you forget, one can be provided for you. Levi also provided gloves for us to do some of the floor work.

Honestly, I can’t say enough nice things about Levi and this class. Not only am I exhausted and sore after every class (in the best way), but Levi is also a really nice guy and makes the hour enjoyable… even when you can’t breathe and feel like you want to die.

I highly recommend taking this class. Luckily, the Groupon is still available and you can purchase it here. We purchased the 4 pack and immediately regretted not getting the 8 pack.

25 Reasons We Didn’t Call/Text You Back

Taken all from personal experiences of my close friends.

1. Because we’re not dating.
2. Because you told me to return the pool balls while you went to the bathroom… and I ended up paying $70 for your drinks and game of pool.
3. Because you didn’t pay for my $5 beer..that came with free pizza.
4. Because it was a first date and you used a Groupon.
5. Because you smelled and tasted like your fruity gum.
6. Because you left a rose on my doorstep with a card that read “signed, with the intent to love.”
7. Because you did not resemble your Facebook photos.
8. Because you brought up your ex..multiple times.
9. Because you had a small dick.
10. Because you told me you didn’t know why I was out with you. I don’t know why I was either.
11. Because you brought up the proctologist.
12. Because you have the inability to laugh and/or tell a joke.
13. Because you got wasted and puked on our date.
14. Because I gave you a blowie and you couldn’t find my clit with a map and a flashlight.
15. Because you stared at me and called me pretty…weird.
16. Because I decided to ask our bartender for his number instead.
17. Because you were cute when we were sitting down…but once you stood up I could’ve fit you in my pocket.
18. Because you brush off the inability to get it up because you were coming off a coke high.
19. Because you clearly smoked a lot of weed before our date.
20. Because after we made out and I left you proceeded to hit on BOTH of my best friends.
21. Because you had a speech impediment.
22. Because you were on your cell phone the entire time.
23. Because when I told you I had a good time at the end of the date you responded, “Did you really?!”
24. Because you debated with me reasons why we should be having sex even after I said hell no.
25. Because your credit card was declined.

Yea… this happened.