The Making Of A Movie Gift Basket

Turns out being a bridesmaid comes with lots of arts and crafts projects. To some, that sounds really annoying. To me, it’s a dream. All the things I have been pinning for years can finally be brought to life! I can even make my own pin-worthy things!!!

First stop on the bridesmaid train was the bridal shower. All the bridesmaids decided to make a themed gift basket that would be used as the prizes for the bridal shower games. Being the movie buff that I am, I went with the movie-themed gift basket.

movie gift basket

First we need the contents of the basket. I decided to include some DVDs, popcorn, and classic movie candy. Depending on the price of the basket you could also include a gift card to the movies.

As you can see, I stuck with a theme and added only bride movies — Bride WarsFather of the Bride, and The Princess Bride. The popcorn and candy I picked up at the supermarket and the movies were easy enough to find on Amazon.

movie gift basket materials

Next you need to take a trip to Michael’s to get the pieces to put the basket together. I needed:

  • A basket (in this case I used an oversized popcorn tub)
  • Shredded paper
  • Pretty ribbon
  • Plastic basket gift wrap

movie gift basket materials

Using the shredded paper, I stuff the basket to add a little height. I then positioned the movies, popcorn and candy in a way I thought would look nice for the basket, keeping in mind that the back would be on display as well. In order to keep things in place, I just stuck extra shredded paper between the loose areas. Everything stayed in tact pretty well!

movie gift basket

Finally I needed to wrap it. I carefully places the basket inside the plastic bag and tied a knot at the top with the ribbon. There was a little too much plastic bag sticking out on the sides so I taped it down with clear, double-sided tape.

Seeing as this was my first gift basket, I was pretty happy with the result! It looked really nicely put together and the person who won it was excited about the contents!

What themed basket would you have chosen?