April Fools: A Classic Joke Can Be Entertaining

One of the greatest things about being in a relationship is that there is powers in numbers. I love April Fool’s Day and last year my boyfriend at the time and I thought it would be fun to leverage the seriousness of Facebook to play a prank. Frankly, we weren’t that creative. We were like, “Hey! Why don’t we change our relationship status on Facebook to say we are engaged!” So we did. And insanity ensued.


Within seconds my notifications went crazy. People who I went to nursery school with and old college friends were congratulated me. People began calling up my parents to congratulate them. My texts were going off the hook. This excitement made us want to take the joke a step further. I googled “Pale hand with engagement ring” and changed my Facebook profile picture to go in for the kill.


This went on all day. My closest friends were smart enough to question this. Instead of texts that said “CONGRAAAATTTTSSS” they were more along the lines of “Hardy har har.” But some texts were pretty hysterical. Here are my favorites:

IMG_0407 IMG_0410
IMG_0411 IMG_0412

The moral of the story is, people are suckers. Just because you are getting older doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy April Fools Day. People are gullible and it’s always fun to laugh.

What was the best April Fool’s Day prank you ever pulled?


The Number One Problem With Tinder

Like all single ladies with a smartphone, I recently heard of an app called Tinder. Essentially, the idea is “hot or not” but taking it a step further. If you decide you like someone and think they are attractive, they now have the ability to message you. If they like you back then you are past the first hurdle of wondering if that person is interested or not! There’s just one problem with this app so far…

Repeat after me… Jailbait.

Tinder is the bare bones. It connects to Facebook so you can see if you have friends in common or similar interests but really all you get is pictures, name, and age. That, my friends, is very dangerous. As you breeze through at a mile a minute you are judging purely on looks. Every so often a hottie catches your eye and you stop to view details. BAM. You find out the handsome man is actually a man-boy that is only 19. NOT OKAY PEOPLE.

Then we have another problem… Instead of looking at looks you only look at age until you find someone acceptable and can then check if they are good looking. You come across a 27 year old. He’s handsome. YAY! You click on his info… BAM. His info says “I’m actually 17 but Tinder wouldn’t let me join unless I was older ha ha.” NOT OKAY PEOPLE.

Why is this app populated by itty bitty nugget men? And even worse, why do I find them attractive?! To be fair, kids these days look a lot older than when I was in high school. When you’re in a tux, I assume you are at your friend’s wedding… not at your PROM.

In conclusion, Tinder needs age ranges. Oh, and don’t judge me…

Do you use Tinder? What do you think?!

Ways To Motivate Your Fat Self

Are you a girl? Then you probably think you’re fat. If you don’t think you’re fat, you are probably unhappy with your body in some way. If you are not unhappy with your body in some way, then you are a martian and you should stop reading.

OKAY, now that we have got the complaining about our weights out of the way it’s time to actually do something about it. Complaining is A OK but only if you actually try to change the thing you are complaining about. Otherwise you are hella annoying. So how will we try to lose weight? I love food and I love being sedimentary. How will I motivate myself?! Here are some ways that I have found helpful:

1. Look in Mirrors. And do it often. If you are not happy with the way you look, then you will feel the need to change it. Frankly, the more you avoid mirrors the more in denial you and the more likely you will fall down a slippery slope into the point of no return. Mirrors are your best friends when it comes to motivation.

2. Pay Yourself. I love money. I hate working out. To motivate myself, I decided that if I work out, I get $1. This money will go to something fun for me. Particularly, something you don’t need and you can’t afford but really want anyway. This way, you save money AND get skinny.



3. Check out a Facebook album from Freshman Year. And then repeat step 1. Remember how skinny you were when you got to college?! You can drink all the times, eat the crappy dining hall food, and still go out in skimpy tops looking good. Not anymore killer. Your metabolism has finally slowed down. Become motivated by looking at your old self and realizing IT’S POSSIBLE!

4. Remind Yourself. Get creative. Put reminders to make time to work out and get off your fat ass wherever you are. For example, this is how I wake up every morning…


How do you motivate yourself to work out and be healthy?

The 8 Miracles of Social Media That Didn’t Happen

For my Likeable Media blog this month, I wrote about the 8 Social Media Miracles of 2012. While drafting, my next stroke of genius hit! Below you will find the 8 Miracles of Social Media that DIDN’T happen this year.

Miracle#1 – You didn’t instagram your feet in the sand this summer, the fall foliage, or your huge Friday happy hour drink.
Miracle #2 – You didn’t live tweet your day.
Miracle #3 – You picked up the phone to call your best friend instead of sending them a Facebook message.
Miracle #4 – You found out your high school classmates got engaged/married via Facebook’s new love notifications and didn’t question your entire life & cry yourself to sleep.
Miracle #5 – You didn’t mention who your political preference during the presidential campaign.
Miracle #6 – You made only one pinterest board.
Miracle #7 – Your twitter, pinterest, instagram, spotify, reader, goodreads, purchase history were NOT hooked up to your Facebook feed.
Miracle #8 – You went an entire hour without checking an application on your iPhone.

12 Things I Want For Social Media This Year

This was originally posted on Likeable Media’s blog.

Dear Santa,

It’s that time of year again where we get to write you letters and ask you for things. The past two years you have really pulled through and delivered some great additions to the social media industry. When I asked for more personalized Facebook pages, you gave me Timeline! When I asked for the next big thing, you gave me Pinterest! Now it’s a new year and I have new demands requests for you. Please make my wishes come true!

1. Bring Instagram back to Twitter! I can’t stand to see them fighting like this. Plus, it looks like I have no pictures on Twitter since you removed all my Instagrams.

2. Make Timeline searchable. Things get lost on timeline very easily, but wouldn’t it be great to have a search function to find things?! I know search isn’t Facebook’s sweet spot but maybe 2013 is the year!

3. Ability to “like” tweets. Yes, I asked for this last year… and the year before. Favoriting is not the same. Some tweets aren’t worthy of a favorite or a RT. Just a like.

4. Facebook Offers for small businesses. Why the 400 liker restriction? Small businesses want to reward their fans with exclusive deals too.

5. Increased Newsfeed visibility. Could you give your buddy Zuckerberg a call and give us back our newsfeed visibility? I very rarely complain about Facebook changes but this just makes it that much harder to get content seen, even when your content is stellar.

6. Give Myspace a chance. I am really rooting for Justin Timberlake. I have a new Myspace page myself and it really isn’t all that bad.

7. Ban  politics or sports from being discussed on Facebook. Just kidding… but really.

8. Easy way to delete groups. Currently, you have to delete every member of the group before being given the option to delete the group. I understand the logic, but is this really the most efficient way of doing things?

9. Pinterest analytics please! I know there are free tools out there but I really want Insights for Pinterest. We already know that click through rates and purchases from Pinterest are real, but I need numbers!

10. Option to optimize. Uploading videos to Facebook as opposed to just sharing a link from YouTube has it’s advantages. However, I don’t get to select my freezeframe, optimize size, or anything. Give us some wiggle room here!

11.Group chat, come back! I miss the giant group chats. Bring them back!

12. Analytics… that are good… and FREE. I realize I am asking a lot here. I want to be able to compare my brand to other brands and do a deep dive into click through, engagement, and ads. Let me know what you can do here…

Alright Santa… work your magic! And just in case, send this over to Hannukah Harry too (I want to make sure I’m covered!).

S.W.A.T. (Sealed with a tweet!)Cara Friedman and the Likeable team!

What would you wish for from Social Media Santa? If you agree (or disagree) post your favorite numbers in the comments!

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How To Hide People From Facebook Chat

You and your boyfriend must have spent hours chatting on Facebook chat. And Facebook chat is SO smart that they always post people you talk to most right at the top. How convenient. Until you break up. Then you get to stare at his face (whether he’s on or not) and be miserable. And obsessive. Thankfully, you don’t have to put yourself through this.

Facebook understands you. They want to help you out by putting your friends and loved ones at the top but when you don’t want to talk to those people anymore, they have a solve for that too. Here’s a step by step guide to getting rid of people on Facebook chat.

1. Click the options button. You can find this on the bottom right corner of chat. The button looks like a little gear.

2. Click on Advanced Settings. (Notice you can also edit the chat sounds here too. Fascinating!)
3. Type in the person(s) you don’t want to keep staring at on Facebook chat. (Will he chat me? Will he not? Why isn’t he chatting me!? Ladies, let’s end this madness.)
4. Press Save and go on living your life.
Tada! That’s it. Go be happier now knowing you can live the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. You’re welcome.

6 Ways You Better Not Propose to Me

I am nowhere near ready for a proposal. At all. But while most girls dream about the perfect wedding, I have thought long and hard about the perfect proposal. Throughout this process I have thought about 6 ways I definitely do NOT want to be proposed to. Like, if someone did one of these, I might say no even if they were my soulmate.

1. Putting the ring in my food/dessert – I will eat it, choke, and hate you. I don’t want to wear a ring that has once been in my mouth and stuck in my windpipe.

2. On an airplane – If we are going on some romantic vacation and you want to kick it off with a huge proposal on a plane..think again. I hate flying and will be too drugged up on klonopin to even comprehend what’s going on.

3. At someone else’s wedding or party – Do not steal anyone’s thunder. It’s rude and unromantic. I will be mortified.

4. With a singing flashmob kinda thing – Unless you re-united every member of *NSync to do this with you, I don’t want it. It’s overdone and unoriginal.

5. On a jumbo-tron at a sporting event – You seriously must not know me at all if you’d think I’d appreciate any part of this. No. Just… no.

6. On Facebook – If you suddenly changed your relationship status to engaged without asking, I’d end it right then and there. However, tweeting a proposal at me might be kinda cool. I’m open to it.

What is your worst nightmare proposal? What is your dream proposal? Share below!

Will You Be My Girlfriend?

Let’s be real. Nobody says this anymore. If your relationship began because a guy said to you “will you be my girlfriend” then you either have the most awkward relationship ever or you are in middle school. Nowadays you somehow just end up in a relationship and sometimes you’re not quite sure how you got there. Or maybe you’re trying to be in a relationship but you have no idea how to go about it without sounding ridiculously cheesy. Here’s how I’ve seen relationships just pop out of thin air:

Unspoken Understanding
If you’re lucky, you and your future significant other don’t even need to talk about it. There’s been a shift in your relationship and you just know. This will likely occur when people are friends first and have gone to the next level but sometimes you can just vibe with something and avoid the world’s most awkward conversation. This person is a keeper.

The “What are we?” Convo
Men dread this. It is almost always started by a needy girl who has just been coerced by her friends to put a label on it. Girls are crazy (yes I include myself in that statement). We constantly over-think everything, second guess everything, and need some reassurance that you’re not screwing other people. This is our “coy” way of forcing you to be our boyfriend. You will either succumb or run. Either way there will be a definite label!

You’re my girlfriend right?
Similar to the unspoken understanding, this is brought up in passing just to double check. You’re both pretty sure you’re in a relationship HOWEVER it makes you both more comfortable just to say it out loud real quick. After you confirm you can go about living your life.

Facebook Official
In order to be “Facebook Official” both people have to confirm the relationship. If you both accept, then there’s no problem. If you get declined… I think it’s safe to say you know whether you are in a relationship or not.

Dropping Hints
You’re not in the place to have an unspoken understanding and you don’t want to be “that guy” to bring up the “What are we?” convo. Instead you decide to drop hints in casual conversations. Describing what you consider a relationship to the person you’re dating but somehow make it sound very similar to your situation. This will bring up some red flags for the other party and will likely spark a conversation. If it doesn’t spark a conversation it is likely because they are avoiding the topic, not because they don’t catch your hints.

Getting Called “My Girlfriend”
When a guy refers to you as his girlfriend, IN PUBLIC, you can safely assume you are in a relationship. It only counts when there are other people around.

In every situation (with the exception of the first) you’re about to have an uncomfortable conversation. Hopefully by the end of it you feel less stressed and happy. If not…. well at least you’re not in limbo anymore!

*S Donk Bonus: Ultimatum 
When neither of you are hooking up with anyone else and you clearly love each other but he refuses to call you the “g word” – the best thing to do is get wasted and text him saying you can’t keep doing this without being official. If he loves you, he will comply. My boyfriend is a lucky guy.

How did you find yourself in a relationship?

What To Do (And Not Do) When Running A Facebook Promotion

This was originally posted on Likeable Media’s blog.

There are many strategic reasons for your brand to run promotions on Facebook. You can generate leads and drive sales by collecting customer information and promoting new products. You can engage with customers and delight them by giving away great prizes. You can grow your fan base and increase page visibility online. You can also use promotions to gain user data and insight. I can go on and on for why you should run a promotion but the real question is how do you make it successful. Here’s a list of what to do and what not to do when running a Facebook promotion.

DO use a third party application. In order to run a Facebook promotion that complies with terms of service, you have to administer your promotion through a third party application. Platforms such as Wildfire allow you to create a Facebook tab through their site and administer a legal promotion.   

DON’T administer directly through Facebook. If you are not conducting the promotion through a third party you are in direct violation of Facebook terms of service. Any time when a user can enter your promotion without having to fill out a separate form, you are improperly running the promotion.

DO require a like to enter. Facebook allows for you to “like-gate” your promotions. This is a great way to attract new users to your page and have them like your page. 

DON’T automatically enter someone for liking. Although you can require that a user likes your page before entering a promotion, it can’t end there. Make sure you clearly state that users have to like your page and then continue to enter. Liking the page should be step one. 

DO announce winners in a Facebook post. Although you can’t choose winners through Facebook you can still announce winners on Facebook. Highlighting a liker who won a promotion is a great way to make that person feel special and also give you engaging content for your page. 

DON’T use Facebook to notify winners. When creating the form for your promotion, include a place for email or phone number. When you want to contact the winner you will have separate means of communicating with them besides Facebook. 

DO include the fine print. With every promotion you run you should have a set of rules that outlines all the fine print. Maker sure to include a privacy policy, why and how you plan on using their information and a statement that says your promotion has no affiliation or endorsement from Facebook.  

DON’T forget to include the fine print in shareable versions. You will likely cross promote your promotion on your website, email list, and other social networks. When doing this, don’t forget to make the rules known and accessible on these platforms as well. This can easily get lost in translation. 

DO promote using Facebook and other social channels. It is a must to cross promote! If you weren’t planning on doing it before, change your strategy. You can run Facebook ads for a Twitter promotion and vice versa. Promote your promotion, otherwise no one will know about it. 

DON’T over complicate things. The harder it is to enter, the less entries you will have. You always want to have a promotion with a low barrier to entry. In cases where the barrier to entry is higher, the prize needs to be better as well. 

The dos and don’ts are endless but this is a good place to start. Take a critical look at the promotions you run on Facebook. Are they in compliance with Facebook terms of service? Are you promoting your promotion properly to get the most exposure?


What tips would you include? Share your thoughts in the comments below!