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DIBS: A Series About 2 Best Friends and 1 Serious Relationship. Theirs.

New year, new shows. Now that it’s going to officially be 2014, it’s time to add some shows to the roster and kick some off. A friend of mine stars in a web series that is hilarious and endearing.Β 


DIBS is a show starring Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles. Season 1 premiered in 2013 and it was both funny and endearing. It will take you no time at all to catch up. You can binge watch here.Β 

After you watch and fall in love, the next step is to help them create Season 2. Tracy and Jessie have turned to Seed and Spark to raise money for Season 2. With only 4 DAYS left, they can use your help getting to their goal!

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Who Needs Crowdsourcing When You Have Facebook Polling?

I have a dilemma. Do I (a) Call up all my friends and ask their opinion? Should I (b) Posy my question to an online message board? Or (c) Post my question to Facebook and Twitter? Well, as tempting as (a) sounds, I decided not to spend a few hours making phone calls. I also didn’t go with (b) because I’m not sure I trust the opinions of strangers who check message boards all day. So I went with (c) and boy was I happy with the results.


I just got an apartment and I am struggling with what colors to paint my walls. To get some help, all I needed to do was ask the question on my wall and tons of people came to my aid! This literally took me 30 seconds, and now I am heading to the store to buy a paint color.

This is probably the fastest way to get answers from your friends. Forget the old school way of asking questions and hop on the Facebook bandwagon?

Have you every used Facebook to crowdsource and idea or ask a question? Well, you should!

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