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All Seven Seasons Of Boy Meets World Now Available On DVD!

Our lives are complete. As of last week, all seven seasons of Boy Meets World are now available on DVD. This has been a long time coming. They have been releasing seasons one by one with 6 month intervals. For those of you who have extensive DVD collections (like myself), this is a must-add to the collection. When you think of shows from your childhood that stand out, one of the shows I think of is this one. The Cory and Topanga relationship will forever be my reference for a long lasting relationship. Shawn Hunter is the resident badass and my dream man. Feeny is the smartest man alive and Eric is the perfect example of what NOT to be. Hats off to Boy Meets World! You will soon be among my DVD collection?

Do you love Boy Meets World? What are some of your favorite childhood shows?

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