booze carriage

Knock Knock! Special Delivery From The @BoozeCarriage!

How many times have you been pre-gaming in your apartment and then run out of beer? Someone is forced to leave the fun-ness and head down the street to replenish for the rest of us. As someone who doesn’t party that much, drinking has to be as easy as possible. Any effort on my part and I’m going to change my mind and stay in to watch a movie. It must have been fate that I was contacted by a booze delivery service. What was that? Did you say booze delivery? YES I DID!

The Booze Carriage contacted me to spread some brand awareness and sent me $50 to try out their service and report back. For someone who loves cheap champagne like I do, that’s a lot of booze! Here’s my review:

If you live in a certain area of NYC, this is an amazing service! They deliver between 30-60 minutes! It seems like the perfect pre-gaming service. However, I live in Queens so the 60 minute delivery isn’t available for me. I was expecting a couple days delay but I was wrong. The package still came later that day! I was beyond impressed. Not to mention when it came, it was dressed up all pretty and packaged nicely. For someone like me who isn’t home much and doesn’t have time to shop much, having booze delivered is awesome.

What do you think of a beer delivery service? Have you tried Booze Carriage before! Share thoughts below!