An Open Letter to Veronica Roth

Dear Veronica Roth, 

Tomorrow, Allegiant will automatically be delivered to my kindle. I’ve literally been counting the days. Although your books are geared towards “young adults”, as a 24 year old professional I found myself sucked into the marvelous dystopia you have created. Tris and Four are perfectly visualized in my brain. I can picture them so clearly jumping on trains, dressed head to toe in black, covered in meaningful ink.

When I first started reading Divergent, I was skeptical. I have the biggest girl crush on Katniss and I couldn’t imagine your female lead being half ass badass. I was wrong. In a world where you are expected to be one way and one way only, Tris breaks all boundaries. 

I’m anxious to read the next and final chapter in your trilogy. But I’m scared I will be disappointed. There is a lot of hype around this book. Please don’t make me regret my excitement. 

I hope the land outside the walls resembles the one we live in now – a bit tattered and a shitshow…but also beautiful. I hope you don’t try to introduce another man or woman into the Tris/Four relationship. I’m sick of the love triangle shit that so many authors have played upon. I hope you don’t kill off everyone. Insurgent was so sad at times. I can’t take any more death.

If you do this book right, I promise to be your biggest advocate. Don’t fuck this up, okay? Thanks.

xox, S Donk

Socialize Your Bookshelf

This was originally posted on Likeable Media 

Ever since I received my Kindle last Christmas, I have become the ultimate book nerd. I always loved to read as a child, making frequent visits to the library, haphazardly picking up whatever books had a cool looking cover. Back then, the only way to get a book recommendation was through word of mouth, or by asking the old librarian. Today, the process of getting great book recommendations has become much more involved and much more convenient. Here are  3 ways to help figure out which book to dive into next:
  1. Goodreads: This app has completely changed reading for me. Goodreads allow you to search books by genre, by ratings, and by what your friends have read. This takes word of mouth to a whole new level. Instead of asking your must trusted friend if they’ve read anything good lately, you can simply browse their book list!  My favorite part about Goodreads is being able to organize your books into different “shelves” or categories. You can search a book you like, and file it away under “to read”. Instead of writing down books on paper that you will eventually lose (like my grandma still does), everything is stored right into the app and can be accessed from your app or browser. Now once you finish a book, you have thousands of recommendations waiting at your fingertips.
  2. What Should I Read Next?: I love this website because of its simplicity. All you have to do is type in your favorite book or author and it automatically populates with a list of similar titles to match your specific interests. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s effective.
  3. Poll your Facebook friends:  If you have exhausted the prior two options and are still itching for a great read, ask your network. You will be surprised at how many people will jump at the chance of recommending a good book.
Similar to TV and movies, books help bring people together and there’s nothing more fun (for me at least) then finishing an amazing book, recommending it to a friend, and having them love it as well.
Do you use social media to help find books? What other apps are helpful with tracking book recommendations? Share in the comments below!