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Epic Movie Quotes: Big Daddy

Before Adam Sandler made bad movies and won Razzie awards, he was a comedic genius. It was just hit after hit of good movies. The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore, and of course Big Daddy. Nobody will forget this tearful scene that still has an air of comedy in it. Out of context, this is funny. In context, you would be crying your eyes out. Check it out.

I wipe my own ass!
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Top 5 Courtroom Scenes In A Movie

Any movie buff knows there is nothing like courtroom drama. Some of the best scenes in any movie take place in the courtroom. I was browsing through the movie channels and, luckily for me, there were so many choices to choose from. The one thing I noticed was that all the great movies that were on had an amazing court room scene. Here’s what I came up with as the top 5 courtroom scenes in the movies:

5. Chicago. Richard Gere. Enough said. This is one of the only musical courtroom scenes I can think of but the scene was great. It was funny, entertaining, and (as courtroom scenes normally are) shocking!

4. Legally Blonde. Let’s hear it for the blondes! The dumb girls finally prevail in this climactic scene where Reese Witherspoon solves the murder circulating the film. Who says that knowing the science of a perm is useless?

3. Big Daddy. What can I say… I laughed, I cried, and I almost called my dad when it was all over. This scene is epic/hilarious. You start out by laughing at the ridiculousness. You somehow become touched and all warm and fuzzy inside. Then you’re hysterical crying because Adam Sandler can’t have his kid. This is a good one.

2. Liar Liar. The truth will set you freeeeeeee!!! At least it did for Jim Carrey. What happens when a lawyer can’t lie? Apparently, hilarity ensues. Yes, there are people in law school who are only there because of this movie.

1. My Cousin Vinny. Anyone who argues that this is not the best courtroom scene of all time is crazy. In fact, I think this is my favorite movie of all time. The whole film including the incredible courtroom scene with Marisa Tomei was a dream. If you haven’t seen this film, SEE IT!

What did I leave out? Leave your favorites in the comments below!

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