The Number One Problem With Tinder

Like all single ladies with a smartphone, I recently heard of an app called Tinder. Essentially, the idea is “hot or not” but taking it a step further. If you decide you like someone and think they are attractive, they now have the ability to message you. If they like you back then you are past the first hurdle of wondering if that person is interested or not! There’s just one problem with this app so far…

Repeat after me… Jailbait.

Tinder is the bare bones. It connects to Facebook so you can see if you have friends in common or similar interests but really all you get is pictures, name, and age. That, my friends, is very dangerous. As you breeze through at a mile a minute you are judging purely on looks. Every so often a hottie catches your eye and you stop to view details. BAM. You find out the handsome man is actually a man-boy that is only 19. NOT OKAY PEOPLE.

Then we have another problem… Instead of looking at looks you only look at age until you find someone acceptable and can then check if they are good looking. You come across a 27 year old. He’s handsome. YAY! You click on his info… BAM. His info says “I’m actually 17 but Tinder wouldn’t let me join unless I was older ha ha.” NOT OKAY PEOPLE.

Why is this app populated by itty bitty nugget men? And even worse, why do I find them attractive?! To be fair, kids these days look a lot older than when I was in high school. When you’re in a tux, I assume you are at your friend’s wedding… not at your PROM.

In conclusion, Tinder needs age ranges. Oh, and don’t judge me…

Do you use Tinder? What do you think?!

Big Changes To Facebook Advertising And What To Expect

Originally posted on Likeable Media’s blog.

Over the past few days, Facebook has been introducing a number of changes that will affect Facebook ads. These changes affect everything from copy to placement to location. Some changes are rumored and some have already begun to roll out. Listen up marketers because we’ll need to adjust our ads to fit in with the new requirements!

90 character ads. Formerly 135 characters, Facebook ads will be cut down to 90 characters by the end of the month. This is great for Facebook since now they will be able to fit in more ads. This is challenging for marketers since now we will have to fit our copy into an even smaller space! Well Facebook, we are up for the challenge!


Featured Stories. First we had sponsored stories, and now we have featured stories. Facebook is beginning to roll out advertisements into your news feed. If you like a page on Facebook, you may see their ads pop up in your general news feed. The ad will be marked as “featured.” Having ads in the news feed will likely increase engagement. You may see you reach and your “people talking about this” number rise.
Mobile Ads. Once an ad-free zone, Facebook will not be implementing advertisements on the mobile app. Because of the small screen, it would be hard to feature ads off to the side so we will likely see mobile ads as “featured stories.” Mobile ads are rumored to launch as early as March.
Gestures. With the integration of so many apps (Spotify, Pinterest, Washington Post Reader, etc.), users can listen, pin, read, and more. All these gestures post right to your ticker and the potential for sponsored stories are endless. A band can have a sponsored story that says “listen” to this, and a publisher can encourage user to “read” a particular story. The possibilities are endless.
Limiting the ad copy to 90 characters may affect your Facebook ad strategy. To get more text in, you may want to choose a featured story instead. Overall, these changes will have a great effect on your marketing strategy so keep your eyes open for these features to roll out!

Are you looking forward to these Facebook ad changes? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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The Things You Will Do For A Free T-Shirt

I am of the philosophy that people will do ANYTHING for a free t-shirt… and I mean anything. I don’t know what it is, but something about a free t-shirt makes people go crazy!!! I’ve done things I’m not proud of with the hopes of getting that coveted free tee. The funny part is, you likely won’t wear this t-shirt ever again. Most of the time the shirt is ugly, too big, and washes funny. There is still pride in getting it though!  I’ve done some pretty silly things myself…

I am a member of 20-something bloggers and I found out that they had an app that you could win a free t-shirt from. This was big news to me so I immediately downloaded the app to see what I had to do. Turns out, it was a game (sort of like FarmVille but on an island) and the person with the most points each week could win. Chances of me winning were slim to none but I still played for months. Eventually, I gave up and I feel somewhat like a failure since I am t-shirt less.

Foursquare had an initiative to recruit university representatives. This was to try and get more college kids to use the app. I thought this would be cool and since I am still in school I decided to look into it. I looked through the application and saw at the bottom the words “T-shirt size.”I thought, does this gig get you a free t-shirt?! If so, I’m in! So I applied and actually got it! I became a foursquare rep for St. John’s University and completed numerous tasks that foursquare requested. After all my hard work, no free t-shirt ever came in the mail for me. I felt duped.

Besides these incidents, I have just outright lied. If I see a table that is giving away t-shirts I will go over, act completely interested in what they are saying, and tell them whatever they want to hear to land myself a t-shirt. At a conference, a co-worker and I scanned through the exhibitor hall looking for those who were giving out tees. Some caught on to our ploy but overall, we left with a handful of shirts and big smiles on our faces.

What have you done for a free tee?

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Words With Friends And More Fun Apps

Has anyone else noticed the Words With Friends phenomenon? I knew a lot of people played and everything, but it wasn’t until I walked around my office and saw numerous interns playing with their phones that I noticed the obsession. I thought they were probably just text messaging, but with a little more investigating (and sneakily peering over shoulders) I’ve found that almost every one of them is in the middle of a Words With Friends game! I can understand an addiction to an app. In fact, I have a few addictive apps of my own. Here are some of my favorite apps to play with:

1. Fruit Ninja. No, for the fifteenth time, this is not a game about a gay ninja. This game involves slicing fruit while avoiding the bombs. If you think it sounds lame, test it out yourself- Fruit Ninja Lite is free! Soon you will get frustrated that they have stopped you at 150 slices and will splurge the 99 cents for the full version.

2.Moron Test. This is a paid app but I promise you won’t be disappointed. For one, it makes you feel really dumb because you are constantly getting easy questions wrong. Another things is that this will keep you occupied for a very long time. There are 5 full tests to go through and even when you have finished them all, you can re-do it to try to beat your own time. I love the feeling of being a genius when you finally win and you will too!

3. Shazam.This app is great for when you hear a song that you like, but have no idea what it’s called. There are a lot of apps out there just like this, but Shazam is by far the most accurate. All you need to do is hold up the phone for about 10 seconds and SHAZAM. You now have the song title, artist, lyrics, sample, and place to buy the song. You will never go crazy for not knowing the name of a song again.

This barely touches the surface. There are TONS of apps out there and I am always looking for more!

What are some of your favorite apps? Do you play Words With Friends? Let me know!

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