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Bridal Shower Game: Who Has The Groom?

My best friend is getting married and a couple of weeks ago we have the bridal shower! Now, I’ve never been to a bridal shower before but I was told that no bridal shower is complete without a slew of fun/silly games. The first game we played was “Who Has The Groom.”


Based on the picture alone, I know you’re excited. The game is simple. All you need to do is find Chris, the groom! As you can see we have our real groom (in the middle) and a ton of imposter grooms such as Christian Bale, Adam Sandler, and Daniel Craig. Let’s start from the beginning…


First I found a picture of our handsome groom-to-be in addition to some pictures of other celebrities. I tried to find celebrities I knew the bride would appreciate. For example, Colleen is a huge Syracuse basketball fan so I made sure to include Carmelo Anthony in the mix. She also likes The Big Bang Theory so we had to make a Jim Parsons groom as well!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure your celebrity heads are all about the same size. This will be important when it comes to the next step…


Once I found the heads I had to get them some bodies! Frankly, I googled some men in suits and found some excellent headless Men’s Warehouse models that worked perfect for my game. I chose one man who was looking left and one who was looking right so no matter which celebrity head I found, it would look right on the body.


A little cutting, a little gluing and voilà! You have a groom and several imposter grooms. Now that you have these adorable cut-outs, what comes next? The game element!


I placed each groom in a sealed envelope. I then taped each envelope under each of the chairs at the shower. Nobody even knew the game existed until we told everyone to check under their chairs to see if they had found Chris. I had made 50 grooms but there were less than 50 guests. In order to make sure Chris’s envelope got selected, I placed a heart sticker over his chest. Not only did this make him clearly standout as the correct groom (in case someone who hasn’t met the groom found him!) but also I could feel the sticker through the envelope even after it was sealed. That way, I guaranteed that Chris wasn’t in the leftover or unused groom pile.

Although the bride-to-be (top left) didn’t find her man, everyone was excited to see who they got and share with the table which groom they ended up with! I even saw some people trying to trade celebrity hubbies.

The game was quick, easy, and something fun to interject into the party. The person who found groom won one of the gift baskets the bridesmaids created. I highly recommend this game to others planning bridal showers. You won’t be disappointed!

Movies That Weren’t That Bad

The following movies were rated ridiculously low by critics. However, they were all movies I wanted to see so I went ahead and watched them anyway. Were they the best movies ever? No. But they weren’t that bad…

Our Idiot Brother
Would I have spent money on it? NO. But Paul Rudd is funny. Zooey Deschanel is funny. Elizabeth Banks is funny. That’s good enough for me.

The Big Year
Steve Martin can do no wrong in my eyes so maybe I’m bias but this movie was not at all what I expected and I wasn’t disappointed.

The Sitter
For a movie with such bad reviews, this actually surprised me. The little girl in this film STOLE THE SHOW.

Tower Heist
Ben Stiller has been on a downhill slope and I definitely wouldn’t say this saved his career. However, after watching the movie, I didn’t feel like I wasted 90 minutes.

Just Go With It
Adam Sandler is another person with a bad reputation nowadays. And Jennifer Aniston… forget about it. This movie wasn’t that bad and I’ve actually found myself watching it again on Starz when there was nothing else on.

The Campaign
This movie just looked bad. But I actually laughed a lot. Will Ferrell punched a baby… and a dog. lolz.

Katy Perry – Part of Me
This is embarrassing but I actually liked this movie. The whole movie you are just waiting for Katy Perry and Russel Brand to get divorced so I was on the edge of my seat.

That’s My Boy
Another Adam Sandler movie that wasn’t terrible. If you have a free evening with nothing to do, RedBox this. It’s silly and funny.

This movie wasn’t just “not bad” but actually really funny. If you don’t believe me, watch this clip of Paul Rudd.

What movies would you add here? Share below!

Epic Movie Quotes: Billy Madison

This movie is just one big epic quote, but for the purposes of this blog I will have to choose just one! I would venture to say that this is the most famous Billy Madison quote there is (although you can definitely put up a good argument for others). Another scene where Adam Sandler is in his prime. Check it out!

Stop looking at me swan!

What’s your favorite movie quote? Share below with a clip and it will be featured in an upcoming blog!

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Epic Movie Quotes: Big Daddy

Before Adam Sandler made bad movies and won Razzie awards, he was a comedic genius. It was just hit after hit of good movies. The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore, and of course Big Daddy. Nobody will forget this tearful scene that still has an air of comedy in it. Out of context, this is funny. In context, you would be crying your eyes out. Check it out.

I wipe my own ass!
What’s your favorite movie quote? Share below with a clip and it will be featured in an upcoming blog!
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Who Will Win The Razzies This Year?

The Oscars are the biggest night in Hollywood where we celebrate the year’s top movies, actors, directors, etc. The Razzies is the exact opposite. Hollywood hates it and it is when we celebrate the year’s worst movies. Last year top winners included Sex and the City 2, The Last Airbender, and lots of nods for The Twilight Saga. This year is all about Adam Sandler.

Boy do these guys hate him! The Razzies nominated Adam Sandler 12 times for movies like Just Go With It (which I liked by the way!), Jack and Jill, and Bucky Larson. I am personally a big Sandler fan but I have to admit that his more recent films are not exactly… up to par with some of the classics. For the full list of this year’s nominee’s click here.

In the past, there have actually been some actors who had the guts to face the Razzie crowd and actually give an acceptance speech. Halle Berry famously accepted the Razzie for her role in Catwoman with her Oscar in hand. Sandra Bullock accepted the Razzie for All About Steve the same year she won the Oscar for Best Actress for The Blind Side. Talk about a trooper! Below are both acceptance speeches for you to check out. I will be sure to post the winners from the Razzies once they are announced!

Who do you think should have been nominated for the worst movies of the year? Let me know in the comments!

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Top 5 Courtroom Scenes In A Movie

Any movie buff knows there is nothing like courtroom drama. Some of the best scenes in any movie take place in the courtroom. I was browsing through the movie channels and, luckily for me, there were so many choices to choose from. The one thing I noticed was that all the great movies that were on had an amazing court room scene. Here’s what I came up with as the top 5 courtroom scenes in the movies:

5. Chicago. Richard Gere. Enough said. This is one of the only musical courtroom scenes I can think of but the scene was great. It was funny, entertaining, and (as courtroom scenes normally are) shocking!

4. Legally Blonde. Let’s hear it for the blondes! The dumb girls finally prevail in this climactic scene where Reese Witherspoon solves the murder circulating the film. Who says that knowing the science of a perm is useless?

3. Big Daddy. What can I say… I laughed, I cried, and I almost called my dad when it was all over. This scene is epic/hilarious. You start out by laughing at the ridiculousness. You somehow become touched and all warm and fuzzy inside. Then you’re hysterical crying because Adam Sandler can’t have his kid. This is a good one.

2. Liar Liar. The truth will set you freeeeeeee!!! At least it did for Jim Carrey. What happens when a lawyer can’t lie? Apparently, hilarity ensues. Yes, there are people in law school who are only there because of this movie.

1. My Cousin Vinny. Anyone who argues that this is not the best courtroom scene of all time is crazy. In fact, I think this is my favorite movie of all time. The whole film including the incredible courtroom scene with Marisa Tomei was a dream. If you haven’t seen this film, SEE IT!

What did I leave out? Leave your favorites in the comments below!

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