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Fall Fashion: Rocking Nerdy Chic

There’s a fine line between reppin’ your nerdy fashion statements while looking chic, and just looking like you’re on your way to Comic Con. I love the idea of showing off your geek but I don’t want to do it in a costume-y kind of way.

I recently discovered some jewelry that satisfies my need to show off my inner nerd but also look quite fabulous (if I do say so myself). 


Magic by Ashley Bridget


Mystery by Ashley Bridget

Instead of looking campy and cheesy, these bracelets are more an inside joke for Harry Potter fans. I will happily wear these and sport my geekness while staying stylish.

#TBT: Spice Girl Lollipops

From 1996 to 1997 the Spice Girls ruled the world. Not just the music world, but the candy world as well. Spice Girls lollipops were all the rage and each lollipop came with the greatest prize of all… a sticker. Sadly, these stickers were VERY sticky. I still have remnants stuck to my furniture today.

Did you love these lollipops?!

#TBT: Orangina

Remember when you were a kid and you would consume any food or beverage item if it came in the right packaging? My personal favorites were Dunkaroo’s and this strange multi-colored bread they sold at the local supermarket. Yes, you heard me, my mom actually used to send us to school with sandwiches made from bread sporting the colors green, blue, pink, and yellow. I was the envy of everyone at school. (Okay, envy is a bit of a stretch, but my sandwiches were always a conversation starter!)


I’m happy to say my tastes have become a bit more sophisticated and I no longer require my daily dose of sugar and dye with my meals and snacks. However, there is one throwback beverage I still enjoy, and that is Orangina! Remember that fun-shaped bottle with that delicious orange soda inside? Well it’s back and just like all of us, it’s matured. Roll over to fb.com/OranginaInternationaland meet Bulby the Orangina Bottle! He’s just as delicious as ever, but now he’s more cultured and sophisticated. He’s also on an adventure, loving life, and making his “hipster-ish” mark all over the place.

Go ahead, check out the new attitude of our old friend Orangina.

Guest post by our good friend Kristi. Tweet her your comments @Kristb85!

10 Songs You Love To Hate To Dance To

Every few years or so a new catchy song comes out accompanied with a choreographed dance that everyone learns. It’s cool for 3 minutes or so and yet we still manage to hear them played at proms, weddings, bat-mitzvah, and retirement party. Here are 10 of those songs that we all love to hate to dance to.

1. Macarena nananan bla bla bal blal HAYYYY MACARENA

The bain of my existence  I don’t think there is enough alcohol in the world that would make me dance to this song again.

2. Mambo #5jump up and down and move it all around
I was always upset “Shari” wasn’t one of his fine ass ladies mentioned in the song.
3. The Electric Slide it’s electric. boogey oogey.
And oldy but a goody – this song will never ever die..as much as we want it to.
4. Cha-Cha Slide how low can you go?
The electric slide’s 1st  upgrade. They say the dance instructions in this song and yet no one ever jumps the inappropriate amount of times or slides the correct direction. Why is that?
5. Cupid Shuffle – down down do your dance do you dance
The electric slide’s 2nd upgrade and the most recent of these phenomena (before Gangman Style just came out which is too recent to be on this list). It’s as if the Electric Slide went to hip-hop camp.
6. The Time Warp and it’s a pelvic thrust that really drives you insaneeeee
This song doesn’t get enough credit for being AWESOME.
7. Hands Up – gimme your heart gimme all your love
There’s this amazing video of me and my brother as children singing and dancing to this song. I also danced to it at a birthday party of mine wearing glow in the dark white gloves. This song will make an appearance at my wedding.
8. Cotton Eye-d Joe –where did you come from? where did you go?
My personal favorite because I tap danced to it when I was 10 years old and grew emotionally attached to this song. Also because no one ever seems bouncing on the same foot and people have a tendency to crash into each other. Classic.
9. YMCA – you can hang out with all the boys
I always wanted to hang out at the YMCA and meet my future boyfriend. Little did I know those boys liked other boys. #storyofmylife
10. The Hand Jive/Grease Lightening – born to hand jive baby
It’s really really hard not to semi fist pump when Grease Lightning comes on.. and the hand jive is just SO easy that you can’t help but join the hand jive party. It’s a trap. And it always wins.
* #11 BONUS: Las Ketchup – I said a hey ha a hey… (does anyone else remember this dance?)
What dances do you love to hate? Which of these are your favorite? Comment below!

#TBT: Slinky

I don’t know about all of you, but I had about a million slinkies growing up. I would attempt to push them down the stairs and fondle them across my hands. 99% of all my slinkies ended up destroyed, twisted, and broken. And yet, the bright colors and cool sound drew me in to buy more. The slinky wasn’t the coolest of the toys, but they were quite popular.

Did you ever play with a Slinky? Where was your favorite place to play with them? How many did you break? Comment below!

#TBT: O-Town

Before Making The Band was tainted by Diddy, it was a show that found brand new boy bands. The most memorable (and our favorite) was the band O-Town with their smash hit, Liquid Dreams. Yes, the title of the song is Liquid. Dreams. lol.


What’s your favorite throwback? Share in the comments and maybe you’ll be featured next week!

My Kids Will Have a Horrible Childhood

As I sit and type this blog, I have my iPhone sitting in my lap and my browser open with 8 tabs all consisting of social media. I can’t help but reflect back to my childhood days before the Internets was a real thing. Or just some rumor floating about that I couldn’t understand. Life was simple back then and it was those simple things that I enjoyed and those moments that I will never forget. Kids these days, or even worse, MY kids 10 years from now, will never be able to experience these joys.

Top 10 Joyous Moments My Kids Will Never Experience
  1. After a 2 hours wait on line for a new boy band CD release, running home and playing it for the first time on a boombox.
  2. Falling in “love” for the first time and making their “boyfriend” a mix tape off songs from the radio.
  3. Suddenly not having to stand a foot away from the phone connected to a wire to the wall aka experiencing the cordless phone for the first time!
  4. Writing in a journal, by HAND!
  5. Seeing how their pictures from a month ago came out from their disposable camera.
  6. Completing the Oregon Trail for the first time.
  7. Finding out which musical guest star will be on All That.
  8. Beating all their friends in Mario Kart.
  9. Feeling accomplished for not breaking their Skip-It a week after they bought it.
  10. Unwrapping Barbie’s Dream House for Christmas.

What do you wish your children would be able to experience, but wont because of today’s technology?

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