How Becoming VIP At Just Salad Changes Your Life

In the city there is a lunch spot called Just Salad that is very popular among the employees of NYC. The line is always out the door but the salads are delicious. Not to mention, they sell reusable bowls that get you extra toppings and save the environment.

Every year Just Salad releases a VIP bowl that comes with special privileges. Not only do you get extra toppings, but you also get a free protein and the ability to CUT THE LINE. Sounds good, right? Now how do you get one.

The catch is that they only make 100 per year. This means you have to win a bowl. I entered a Halloween contest and low and behold, I won. The bowl has seriously changed my life.


I pretty much get salad every day now. The salads are good, the price is right, and I get to be that douchey person who cuts everyone in line. Life. Is. Good. The year of the pink bowl is over but there will be a new one coming soon. I highly recommend following Just Salad on Instagram and Twitter so you can enter and win your own bowl.


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