Fitness Review: Pilates

Details: 43 W 46th St, Fl 3, New York, NY 10036 – (212) 302-5651 –

Studio: 4/5
Timeliness: 5/5
Instructors: 3/5
Overall class: 3/5

This class was not meant for beginners. It was supposed to be, but it wasn’t. Part of the problem was the class was filled with regulars. It was clear from the moment I walked in that I was the odd man out. It appears that all the students come every week (and may even work at the same office?). As a new person I was hoping to get acclimated to the class, meet the teacher, get an intro, but no. 

Instead I was positioned in the back of the studio. Yes, I chose the spot but had I have known that I couldn’t see the teacher or hear anything over the music (which was right next to me) I would have probably chosen a different spot. 

The class itself wasn’t awful. It was a typical pilates class mostly done on your back. The class was only 45 minutes, which went by very fast, but the moves themselves were hard. I wasn’t sweating but my muscles were shaking.

Would I recommend to a friend? Skip this one.


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