Weight Watchers 100 List – Part 1

A few months ago I started a journey on Weight Watchers. Frankly, I’ve drank the kool aid and I’m a full believer in the system. Rather than create a new year’s resolution to lose weight (like I have for every year since I’ve known was a new year’s resolution was), I’m going to take a page out of the WW book.

One of the things they encourage is creating a 100 list. Essentially create a list of 100 reasons for why you want to lose weight. Thinking of 100 things was not easy and I doubt I will accomplish all these things in a year, BUT there’s no time to start like the present! Let’s kick off 2014 with some lofty goals:

  1. Have pictures I’m proud of.
  2. Be referred to as “the skinny one.”
  3. Feel confident naked.
  4. Spend less money eating out.
  5. Become a better cook.
  6. Make food shopping a more regular occurrence.
  7. Have a flat stomach.
  8. Take pictures in a bathing suit.
  9. Enjoy shopping for bathing suits.
  10. Enjoy shopping for jeans.
  11. Run a half marathon.
  12. Run a marathon.
  13. Finish a Tough Mudder.
  14. Beat my time in the Spartan Race.
  15. Wear tight fitted t-shirt.
  16. Wear crop tops.
  17. See my hip bones.
  18. See my collar bone.
  19. Not feel self conscious sitting on a guy’s lap.
  20. Not feel self conscious being lifted.
  21. Feel hot getting changed at the gym.
  22. Have an awesome before and after picture.
  23. No need to do the skinny arm.
  24. Love mirrors.
  25. No more thighs touching.
  26. Look like the girl who goes to the gym as opposed to the girl that needs to be there.
  27. Halloween.
  28. Selfies.
  29. Easily crowdsurf.
  30. Be a hot bridesmaid.
  31. Be a hot bride.
  32. Sit in a bathing suit and not worry about rolls.
  33. Sit and not worry about my jeans cutting off my circulation.
  34. No more unbuttoning the top button.
  35. Never look a fit person again and think “ugh I hate you.”
  36. Order clothes online.
  37. Go to the beach.
  38. Inspire my family.
  39. Sit on someone’s shoulders at a concert.
  40. Be strong.
  41. Have stamina running.
  42. Better circulation so I’m cold less often.
  43. Be the envy of my friends.
  44. You have no bad sides.
  45. Being on top and not worrying about how you look at that angle.
  46. Live in an any-story walk up.
  47. Live a long and healthy life.
  48. No muffin top.
  49. Be the girl at the bar guys buy drinks for.
  50. Never say the phrase “does this make me look fat?” ever again.

51-100 coming soon…


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