Fitness Review: Ishta Yoga

Details: 56 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003 – (212) 598-4800 –

Studio: 4/5
Timeliness: 5/5
Instructor: 4/5
Overall Class: 4/5

I really enjoyed my Open Flow class at Ishta Yoga. Located right near the Union Square subway stop, I found the class to be different from the many other yoga classes I’ve tried in the past. It was a mix of poses and vinyasa, focused on opening the chest, muscles, and mind.

The room was perfectly lit and quiet. They provided all the necessary equipment including blocks, straps, and a blanket. I felt immediately comfortable as soon as I entered as the instructor asked my name and if I had any injuries. Class started exactly on time and ended a few minutes past the hour. 

Throughout the class I didn’t feel pressured to keep up or do something my body couldn’t physically do. Everyone in the class was at different levels and the instructor respected that, which I appreciated. She came around and adjusted each student as need be, without being pushy or judgmental and encouraged the class the whole way through. I especially liked when the instructor asked us to visualize shapes and colors to help focus on alignment and openness. Class ended with meditation and I left the class feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Would I recommend to a friend? Absolutely.


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