5 Things I Do Wrong On The First Date

I have been on many a first date… not as many seconds dates. Unlike other women who think, “what went wrong?! I thought he liked me?!” I’m actually pretty self aware when things don’t go that well. Frankly, there are things about my personality that make me an AWFUL first date.

1. I talk too much. Always. I don’t know how to shut up. You legitimately have to cut me off or else I will keep going. Silence makes me uncomfortable and I won’t stand for it.

2. I don’t listen well. Probably because I’m thinking of what to say next to avoid the uncomfortable silence. Some people are offended when they are asked the same question multiple times… Unfortunately I’m a bad listener with a terrible memory. Be prepared to repeat yourself.

3. I am easily triggered to geek out. Almost always, you walked right into this one. You were the one who brought up Harry Potter. You didn’t know it would lead to a 30 minute tangent on how I thought the Goblet of Fire was the worst of the movie adaptations. But you did start it…

4. I will sometimes make inappropriate jokes. Not because I’m weird and trying to offend you but because I don’t know they’re inappropriate until after I say them out loud. And then I can’t take them back. And then I feel uncomfortable as well.

5. I might make a judgmental face in your direction. Partially because I can’t control it. I promise I’m not judging you! That’s just my initial reaction. With some explanation I almost always come around…

To be continued until I find (or you so honestly point out) other first date flaws… 

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