The Check Dance

It’s a first date. The bill has come. Now the fun begins…

I am going to reach for it. I’m a grown woman with a job who can pay for her own drinks. Deal with it.

I in no way expect to pay for it. While I am a grown woman with a job who can pay for her own drinks, I am also a lady who expects a little chivalry from the guy on a first date. I am fully capable of paying for you AND I offered so you should do the same.

I will be utterly baffled if you let me split it with you. Sure, earlier in the night I said “I’ll get the next round” but only to be polite.

I will be downright angry if you let me pay for the whole thing. I will… since I offered… but I only said that because I didn’t actually think you would go through with it.

I will not be made to feel guilty about you paying. There is nothing attractive about you making faces or complaining that it was expensive. You picked the place… you should have known the prices.

I am slightly impressed when you don’t look at the bill at all. Not because “money is no object” but because you don’t play games. You knew you were going to pay tonight so it is what it is. No reason to awkwardly inspect it.

I fully intend to pay if we go out again. Whether you let me pay for half or the full thing I will not hold this against you. I want you to pay first but I don’t expect you to pay every time. I also won’t put up too much of a fight if you really want to pay for date two.

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