Mastering An Amusement Park

Calm. Laid back. Go with the flow. All things that don’t describe me. I like planning. Strategy. Having things figured out beforehand. One place where this is absolutely ESSENTIAL is amusement parks.

In order to get the most bang for your buck, you want to hit all the rides and attractions that pique your interest. Missing even one can be catastrophic because it’s not like you’re headed to your favorite amusement park every weekend.

Here’s the go-to check list for making sure you master your amusement park visit:

1. Get there when they open. You want to have the most amount of time possible and you want a good parking spot. Not to mention, it’s less crowded early in the morning which leads me to number two…

2. Go to the best ride, first. This is likely the ride that will have hour long lines. Hell to the no. Nobody has time for that. Instead, go to this ride first and experience the shortest line you can possibly get.

3. Plan ahead. You have to know what you want to do. There is tons to do at the park. Do you want to hit all the coasters? Go to a cool restaurant? See a show? Whatever it is, make sure you know and plan ahead.

4. Prioritize with a map in hand. Once you know what you want to hit while at the park, prioritize. In the unlikely event that you DON’T make it down your list in full, what would be okay to miss? Schedule that last.

5. Save the gift shop until the end. In case you didn’t notice, amusement parks like to take your money. With that being said, gift shops are almost always open past the rides. Save your trip to the gift shop for last. You will ALWAYS have a chance to buy some souvenirs. 

6. Use your line-waiting time wisely. While we can plan to our hearts content, we cannot control the lines. Use the time in which you have to stand still wisely. Take out your little map and figure out where you’re going next. Know where this ride exits. Know how to get to the next one. Don’t end up wasting time being lost.

7. Don’t eat at fancy amusement park restaurants. Yes, there are exceptions to this rule ::cough cough:: Three Broomsticks at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter ::cough cough:: but for the most part, don’t waste your time (and money). Grab some tenders, eat them quick, and get back out there!

What tips do you have at the park?


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