What My 23rd Year Has Taught Me…So Far

Today, I am officially 23.5 years old and I can honestly say the past 6 months of my 23rd year have been the most roller coaster of a ride. “Nobody likes you when you’re 23”? More like, “Nobody warns you about how insane your mid-twenties actually are.” I’ve learned a lot this year (so far) and have compiled my learnings for you all below.

Apartment hunting is not fun. 
The day I decided to move out, everyone was so thrilled for me. All my friends and family told me that I would be the happiest I’ve ever been living on my own and that Astoria is the place to be right now. What everyone failed to mention, however, is that apartment hunting is the worst process EVER. Like seriously, it’s god awful. Half the shit you look at is the size of a closet. The other place are either way out of your price range or have a bat shit crazy landlord tracking your every step. And then you fall in love with a place, but they demand a whole list of nonsense like your social security number, your bank statements, your past taxes, your salary.. I mean seriously?! Please, also take my right tit and my left pinky toe because at this point you pretty much own my life and can steal my identity in a heart beat. AND THENNN you get denied. And if you’re me you get denied twice and have to start all over again. Why is this not something your parents warn you about? Or they teach you in school? Where’s the class called “Apartment Hunting 101”. Non-existent. I guess it’s just one of those things that everyone conspires to forget to tell you about until you’re going through it and you’re all complainy to them and everyone goes “oh yeah it sucks.” Thanks for the warning, assholes.

Patience pays off
I think I’m the most impatient person in the entire universe. If you don’t immediately move when the light turns green, I will honk the shit out of you. However, I was (sorta) patient during that whole apartment process and am now living in a gorgeous place for a decent price with my best friend. Deep breathes can go a long way.

The one person you thought would never hurt you, can and will
Sad but true.

A good nights sleep makes a difference
I think sleep is the cure to all evil in the world. No one would be cranky if they slept 8-9 hours a night. Wars would end. The world would be a generally happier place if everyone got a perfect night’s rest every night. I am for that perfect amount between not enough that a coffee won’t fix and too much that I just want to lay on my ass all day – because when I do I swear I’m a different, better person.

When spending a week night out, bring a change of clothes
When I first started working full time, I was super weird about drinking on weekdays. I was nervous that everyone would know I was out and would totally judge me for being hungover the next day. Well, all of that went to hell the day I stayed in the city, didn’t pack a change of clothes, and wore my bright purple pants to work two consecutive days in a row (after sleeping and vomiting in them). I survived the ridicule and have now vowed to at least bring or borrow a new top on those kind of days.


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