Ways To Motivate Your Fat Self

Are you a girl? Then you probably think you’re fat. If you don’t think you’re fat, you are probably unhappy with your body in some way. If you are not unhappy with your body in some way, then you are a martian and you should stop reading.

OKAY, now that we have got the complaining about our weights out of the way it’s time to actually do something about it. Complaining is A OK but only if you actually try to change the thing you are complaining about. Otherwise you are hella annoying. So how will we try to lose weight? I love food and I love being sedimentary. How will I motivate myself?! Here are some ways that I have found helpful:

1. Look in Mirrors. And do it often. If you are not happy with the way you look, then you will feel the need to change it. Frankly, the more you avoid mirrors the more in denial you and the more likely you will fall down a slippery slope into the point of no return. Mirrors are your best friends when it comes to motivation.

2. Pay Yourself. I love money. I hate working out. To motivate myself, I decided that if I work out, I get $1. This money will go to something fun for me. Particularly, something you don’t need and you can’t afford but really want anyway. This way, you save money AND get skinny.



3. Check out a Facebook album from Freshman Year. And then repeat step 1. Remember how skinny you were when you got to college?! You can drink all the times, eat the crappy dining hall food, and still go out in skimpy tops looking good. Not anymore killer. Your metabolism has finally slowed down. Become motivated by looking at your old self and realizing IT’S POSSIBLE!

4. Remind Yourself. Get creative. Put reminders to make time to work out and get off your fat ass wherever you are. For example, this is how I wake up every morning…


How do you motivate yourself to work out and be healthy?


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