Summer 2013 Bucket List

HELLO daylight saving’s time. Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to make my first ever summer bucket list. Going to start working on these now-ish and hope to accomplish them all before labor day. All are welcome to join me in my adventures to make this the best summer ever.

  • See a live RISK show
  • Take one artsy class (painting, photography, or graphic design)
  • Take three tap classes
  • Take at least one outdoor yoga class
  • Finish the Spartan Race without dying
  • Go to a concert
  • Spend a long weekend at the beach
  • Learn to make the perfect sangria
  • Have a summer fling
  • Feel confident in a bikni
  • Eat lunch outside once a week
  • Take a walk on my lunch break everyday
  • Learn to ride a bike (someone please help me out here)
  • Run outside one day a week
  • Make one new friend in the neighborhood
  • Take one vacation outside of the tri-state area
  • Do something completely spontaneous and out of my comfort zone
  • Get rush tickets for a Broadway show
  • Spend one Sunday at the Central Park Zoo. Eat icecream and a city pretzel.
  • PS1 Warm Up
  • Shakespeare in the Park
  • Walk the Brooklyn bridge (I’ve lived here my whole life and never have)
  • Find out what’s on Governor’s Island
  • Haggle and buy something at the Brooklyn flea
  • Visit Ellis Island
  • Play on a swing set
  • Have a picnic 

More to come and I’m definitely open for adventures this summer so tweet me if you wanna do something awesome!


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