10 Reasons Why Real Life Isn’t The Same As Summer Camp

Sleepaway camp was a dream for both us kids and our parents. 2 months away from home where we get to be free! And 2 months away from home where our parents get to be FREE. There really is no down side. Anyone who went to sleepaway camp know that it is a different world. You live in a bubble and then get sent back to the real world with no sense of how to behave in real life. Apparently, some things are only acceptable at camp…

1. Shower Hour isn’t a real thing.
You can shower whenever you want and in most cases you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water.

2. You don’t need to wear shoes in the shower.
Apparently, only the bathhouse makes you afraid that you will get dirtier from being in the shower.

3. You can blow dry your hair, listen to music, and watch TV… at the same time!
You won’t blow a fuse!

4. Cheering/singing at your food is not normal practice.
If you sing at your food at a yesterday demanding it to appear on your table, your wait staff will not be happy and you will likely end up with a loogie in your meal.

5. Dirt lines are not okay.
I know you are proud of the “tan” line you see from your Birkenstocks but nobody in the real world will applaud you for that.

6. Socks with sandals are also not okay.
This one is just a bummer.

7. Not everyone you meet in life is Jewish.
I know… you may be thinking “What?! But everyone in sleepaway camp is Jewish?!” You didn’t know it then, but your parents sent you to a Jew camp. That’s why you had Shabbat dinner every Friday and said a prayer before you ate your food.

8. Soffees are for sleeping or working out.
At camp that are a fashion necessity but if you wear them in the real world, people will assume they are pajamas.

9. You can’t sleep in the same sheets for 2 months. 
Best practice: every 2 weeks. Shocking right?!

10. There are stores cooler than Walmart.
In fact, Walmart is crap. It’s just cool when there is NOTHING else around.

What camp things do you do that aren’t accepted in the “real world”?


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