Stop Hooking Up With Your Friends Friends.

It always seems like a good idea at the time. Sometimes you’re like, “Hey! I’m drunk. You’re cute. My friend is your friend so we have LOTS in common.” Other times you’re thinking, “WOW, if this works out it could be awesome! One big happy family of friends!” And then there’s my favorite, “I probably won’t hangout with this person again… right?”

Rule of thumb: Just because you have a similar friend doesn’t mean you have anything in common. Sure, if it works out it will be awesome but chances are it WON’T work out so stop right now. Of course you’re going to see this person again. Is your friend just going to stop hanging out with this person because you made out with them?!

I have fallen victim to this too many times to admit and I have learned one thing… Don’t $h!t where you eat! These situations almost always end badly. Sorry to say, but you are not Chandler and Monica. The man you’ve been waiting for isn’t right in front of you all along. If you like your current friends, leave their friends alone! The one drunk night is not worth that awkward conversation in the morning… and every other time you see this person.

Have you ever been in a compromising situation like this one? Share your horror story to discourage others!


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