How To Ditch The Nice Guy

We’ve all dated him. That really nice, cute guy who does nothing wrong. You want to like him. You really really want to like him! But you don’t. And you never will. Even though this guy does nothing wrong, he doesn’t do anything right either. He touches you and you cringe. He is attentive and you want to hide. Normally he comes right after you date a “magician” (the guy who disappears without a trace or explanation).

Don’t feel bad ladies. This guy is not for you. He will find a nice girl one day… I hope. Here’s how you get rid of him:

1. The Fade Out. Don’t answer your phone. Respond to texts less frequently. Slow down the communication until it ends all together. If you do this right, they won’t even notice it’s happening. They also may not be damaged since you are weening them out of the relationship.

2. The Uncomfortable Convo. C’mon. He’s a nice guy so you should be nice enough to tell him it’s over. Yes, it’s uncomfortable but nice guy can take it. You got yourself into this mess so now you have to get yourself out.

3. Friend Zone Him.  Not my finest hour, but this really works. So you’ve gone on several dates, probably kissed and stuff, and now you’re not into him. Keep hanging out with him but stop doing “the stuff.” He will definitely notice this but he’s too nice to actually say something about it. A couple more hangout like this and BAM. He’s a friend.

How do you get rid of a nice guy?


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