The Super Bowl vs. The Puppy Bowl

For me, the decision was a no brainer. For the rest of you, maybe next year you will watch something else.

The Super Bowl

  • Men on a field
  • Game is hard to follow/too many rules
  • #BrandBowl commercials
  • Pop singer half-time show
  • Skimpy cheerleaders who make you feel bad about yourself
  • No kiss cam (because that’s a baseball thing, right?)
  • You can’t tell who is cute because of their helmets
  • There are 8 different hashtags to follow along with on Twitter
  • There is a winning team and a losing team
  • It only airs once
The Puppy Bowl
  • Puppies on a field of toys
  • The game is very easy to follow
  • Despicable Me 2 Trailer
  • Kitties play during the half-time show
  • Hedgehog cheerleads
  • The kiss cam shows cute children kissing puppies
  • All of the players are adorable because, well, they’re 12 month old puppies
  • @meepthebird is the only handle needed
  • Everyone is a winner
  • It airs multiple times on Superbowl Sunday and gets better every time you watch it

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