How I’d Like The Oscars To Pan Out

Everyone loves award season! It’s fun to see which movies of the year will walk away with the highest honors in Hollywood. Obviously we all have opinions and we are think we know best but somehow we always end up disagreeing with SOMEONE at the Academy. If I got to choose here’s how I would like it to go. You can view the full list of nominees here.

Best Picture
Although I can’t vouch just yet, it sounds like Silver Linings Playbook is the film to beat. Nobody even knew it was going to be good let alone a huge Oscars hit! It would be great to see a comedy win this year.
Best Actor
It’s a toss up between Denzel Washington and Daniel Day-Lewis. Both could snag a win here and I would be happy.
Best Actress
We have the oldest nominee ever, the youngest ever, and the youngest to ever been nominated twice in this category… But none of them will win. Let’s give it to Jessica this year!
Best Supporting Actor
Pretty strong contenders this year with no clear winner in my eyes. As much as I LOVE Christolph Waltz, I have to give this one to Alan Arkin. “Argo fuck yourself.” Pure genius.
Best Supporting Actress
I think it’s pretty obvious that Anne Hathaway already made a spot on her mantle for this and it is well deserved. Similar to the couple that shaved their head for a chance at a million dollars on The Amazing Race, I think Anne gets a win here.
Best Director
I think Kathryn Bigelow should win… Oh wait she’s not nominated. How about Ben Affleck! Not him either? What about Wes Anderson?! Wow… well in that case…
Best Original Screenplay
FINALLY, someone wants to recognize Moonrise Kingdom. Enough said.
Best Adapted Screenplay
Argo was stellar but it has some tough competition. Good luck Ben!
Best Song
The Muppets was a tough act to follow for best song… but I think it is pretty clear that Adele owns this category this year.
Best Animated Movie
For the first time in a long time I am NOT rooting for Pixar. Wreck-It Ralph was amazing and it deserves a win.
Who do you think should win? Share your thoughts below!

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