Why The Academy Hates Leonardo DiCaprio

Oscar nominations came out and I am not surprised that Leonardo DiCaprio is not mentioned… once again. For some reason, the Academy HATES our boy Leo. Arguably one of the best actors of our time, Leo does not pick a movie that isn’t going to be stellar. Throughout his career he has been nominated 3 times, once for supporting actor (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape) and twice for best actor (The Aviator and Blood Diamond). I don’t know about you, but I think it’s about time he gets one of those statutes. Here’s why:

Need I say more? This was only the biggest film EVER that he totally carried. But no… don’t nominate him… it’s fine.

Believe it or not, some movies aren’t based off a book, previous movie, true story, video game, etc. Some movies are still original screenplays and Leo nailed this role.

Catch Me If You Can
To stand out alongside Tom Hanks says something about you (see my love affair with Tom here).

The Departed
All star cast with a bunch of different people to root for  but you still hoped that Leo came out on top. Should have been recognized here.

J. Edgar
The movie was not stellar. BUT the acting was.

The Great Gatsby
I think this is our chance. Leo as Jay Gatsby is really exciting and I think this may be the one that brings him home the statute. We won’t know for another year or so but my fingers are crossed.

Is there a lifetime achievement award we can give him?! Or do you think I’m crazy? Share thoughts below!


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