TV Review: Dance Moms Season 3 Premiere

It’s like a holiday! Dance Moms is back! Looks like there are going to be a lot of changes this year and a lot of trashy violence which is pretty exciting. As long as I get to see Mackenzie do the shoulder shift move every week I will be very happy. We started off with a bang and here’s what I think:

Bye Bye Hylands
Looks like Kelly, Paige and Brooke are really gone. It’s weird because I totally follow these girls on instagram and there are lots of pictures of them dancing. However, the girls have been replaced and I didn’t see anything about them in the preview for the season. This makes me think they are really gone… Sadsies!

Is Christi Next?
Without her BFF Kelly, will Christi stick around much longer? Poor Chloe has to take the worst of it and she is the most adorable, sweetest, little girl. I don’t know why Abby hates Chloe so much but she really does and this girl is going to need so much therapy!

The New Girl
Abby held auditions to replace Paige and Brooke and she found one girl to replace them. She also stole Chloe’s part in the dance (which I’m sure Abby was super excited to do). The previews also indicate that there are more new girls coming so this should be pretty interesting. At the very least, I love watching Jill get mad because that woman is a crazy person. I also enjoyed watching auditions. I love those little girls but there was enough talent to replace Nia, Kendall, and Mackenzie in that room. Pretty intimidating!

My Girl Nia
I was very happy to see Holly stand up for Nia this week. I like when Holly gets into it with Abby because it’s not scary and belligerent but instead rational and more realistic. I think Nia is really going to be out-shined this season – more so than before!

Overall, I’m excited to see the explosions that are on the way. I’m hoping we get to see Kelly come back but I’m not going to hold my breath. I also really hope Abby doesn’t break Chloe’s spirit this year!

Did you watch Dance Moms? What did you think?!


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